Two Living Room Transformations: From Bland to Grand!


This is phase 1 of a project that I’ve been working on for two years.  This phase was actually completed months ago, but I’m just now getting around to posting it.  This client lucked into a great little house right on the lake in Fort Worth.  Great location and great view, but the house itself….well…not so much


Although it sufficed for awhile there came the time he was ready to update and make the interior view as beautiful as the exterior view.


You can see that not much had been done in the way of decorating and cozying up the place, but the spectacular view made it worthwhile.


(These chairs above are actually very nice and I ended up moving those to his office.)


Bland dining area, but great table and chairs.  I wanted to keep them, too.


Ho hum…..

living-before6 (2)

So after meeting with the client, doing the walk through, snapping some pictures and taking lots of notes I went back to my office and got to work.  I did a color board, put together a notebook of drawings, colors and pictures and drew up several space plan options one of which is below…..



Just one of the space plan options for the entire area….there were actually several possibilities depending on his needs and preference.


I sketched up a little drawing for a visual in the formal living room…..


Showed him several fabric combo’s for the drapes.  He selected this combination above for both living areas.


We selected these fabrics for the dining room.


And here is the dramatic transformation.  The formal living after.


A bit more charming and cozy I think, don’t you?



This dining room is right off the formal living so I thought I’d include it in the post as well.  These are the before pic’s here.


It went from bland…


To grand!


Below is the pass through area to the TV room before we gutted the kitchen and completely remodeled it.

pass thru-before1


pass thru-after

And after.  Pretty dramatic, right?

The pass through area leads you to the next living area.  His small TV room.

TV room-before1

Again…not so cozified and a bit bland.  It’s a tight space, but potentially very functional and cozy….

TV room space plan

There were several options here, too, but my preference was a sectional because of the small area we had to work with….


Which I sketched out…again to give him a bit of a visual.  But, he decided he wasn’t a “sectional” type of guy so we compromised and got the curved sofa, pictured below.    We had a custom TV cabinet built in the right corner for easy TV viewing.  Now it’s cozy and functional.


Again – from bland to grand!

A fun transformation don’t you think?  Now we’re discussing doing Phase 2 on the other side of the house where we will re-do the master bedroom and the guest room.  Still in the throws of planning and decision making.  It will be fun to see the outcome of that as well.  I’ll keep you “posted” (pun intended!) on the project.

Happy Decorating!

Office For Daddy Becomes a Room Fit For His Little Princess


One of my current jobs has been to transform a traditional looking stained, paneled, manly office into a sweet, precious little girlie room for an adorable little one year old girl. 


Tight on bedroom space, with three bedrooms upstairs filled with the older kids, it was time to make some changes downstairs and accommodate the new addition to the family.  The only room that made any sense was dad’s office space.


But, as you can see it wasn’t exactly a space fit for a princess….and that’s what I envisioned for their little cutie:  A pretty, little girlie room with a princess theme.  Certainly not dark paneled walls with a serious office theme.


I was pleasantly surprised when they, even dad, said paint was fine.  (Men tend to HATE painting over stained wood!)  And not only that, they wanted nothing ordinary, but something special and unique, for their special little girl.


Well, those kind of words are music to my ears… that exactly what we did.


I drew up a quickie sketch with a princess theme…..


Then I sketched up some valance designs I wanted to have custom-made by my wood maker and custom-painted in a playful design by the artist who would be doing the walls  -  just for the little princess.


I  chose Sherwin Williams Biscuit as the base coat and these Sherwin Williams colors – Hearts of Palm and Vivacious Pink as my accent colors.


I showed them the fabrics I wanted to use to match the existing retail bedding she had already purchased.  A pink satin for the windows and a sparkly pink organza for the either crib or dresser.  Once all the plans were approved we began the process of transformation.


While the drapes and valances were being made I had the entire room painted Sherwin Williams Biscuit.


All but the ceiling, because I wanted it to have a blue sky and clouds eventually.


Billy, the talented artist, put his crew to work masking off the harlequin shapes.



And, he doodled out some curly-q’s I decided to add to the bottom panels.  I let the artist in him do “his thing” and he drew these on free hand first.


Which ended up looking like this.


And this.


With the harlequins they looked like this.


He added green harlequins to the cabinet door fronts.


They added these adorable, fluffy clouds and this blue sky.


When all the artwork was done he went over it with a glaze to give it an old, aged, “castle feel”.


And the end result was this…


And this.  


Last, but not least, I asked for a custom painting incorporating the harlequins and her name to hang on the center wall of her cabinets.  Billy created this adorable plaque.  Isn’t it sweet? 

A far cry from a stuffy, serious office, wouldn’t you say?   It’s still a work in progress.  We need to paint the dresser, switch out the blinds, add the sconces, the upholstered furniture, the chandelier, etc.  But, we are doing it in stages so it will be a while before we are completely finished. 

I hope you’re inspired now to tackle your own little princess’s room! 

Happy Decorating!

The Evolution Of A Kitchen


When I first started working with Lisa her kitchen had the bland, generic look that was (and still is in some cases)  so common in new homes.  Not much in the way of personality, but when a young family is moving into their new home many times there just isn’t a lot of money for upgrades and beautiful detail work.

Phase 1


So it was light beige walls, light beige countertops, light beige back splash, light beige floor tiles and plain light golden oak stained cabinets.   Generic colors that didn’t limit her as far as adding color in her accessories, but also didn’t contribute much in the way of personality to the space either. 




 So years ago she called me to do some re-decorating in other parts of the house and help ramp things up a notch in the kitchen, but on a very limited budget.   To cozy up the space I had the kitchen painted red and added some interesting accessories to the top of the cabinets and countertop.   Not a lot – just a little touch to cozy up the space.

Phase 2


Pardon all the junk on the countertops! – I didn’t actually take these pictures until I went back to completely gut and remodel the kitchen entirely so it’s not exactly “staged”.  But this is basically what it looked like for a few years (minus my purse, portfolio, papers and junk!) - just a bit warmer with color and accessories,  until they could afford to really get the kitchen of their dreams.


As they (and their children) got older they toyed with the idea of moving into a bigger, newer home and spent considerable time looking around.  In the end they decided they really liked their house and their neighborhood and made the decision to stay put. 

They were now in a position financially to really make some serious changes.  And with David, her hubby, currently going back to school to be a chef (wives out there – can you imagine how wonderful that would be?!!) - a state of the art kitchen was definitely in order.


So out went the boring cabinets, the boring back splash, the boring countertops and the boring floor.  In came a state of the art “chef’s” six burner stove and oven, surrounded by this beautiful cabinetry,  Santa Cecilia granite, tumbled stone back splash with metal accents, and hardwood floors.  We extended the depth of the upper countertop in order to add an eating area for the kiddo’s with these saddle seat bar stools.


The red walls gave way to textured walls with a faux finish in paint and glaze.  New updated window treatments replaced the old.  (Sorry you can’t see them very well.  They are beautiful.)


I had them combine two stain colors, the cream and the dark stain to create interest and make their incredible cook top area stand out as it should.  All new hardware was added to the cabinets.


Stainless steel appliances replaced the old white ones and rich gorgeous hard wood floors replaced the insignificant beige tiles.  I recycled some of the old accessories and incorporated some new ones for the cabinet tops.

After years of waiting this precious family finally has the kitchen of their dreams, fit for a king and perfectly suited for a “chef”.

So much fun!

Happy Decorating!


Before And After: A Dentist Office Goes From Drab To Fab


 I have worked with Terry and Stacie off and on for years now – known them since their children were itty bitty.  Now they’re so big!  And one is driving!     I’ve helped with the decorating on two of their homes as well as Stacie’s dental office.  So when Terry called to see if I could help snazz up his office (yes, they are both dentists, but in two different locations) I was happy to help.

Dentist Office 

Before Pictures:

PB160702The bones were there.  Great flooring and great walls.  But the decor was lacking and it just needed some serious TLDC  (that’s Tender Love and Designer Care!) to take it to that next level. 


 Not a lot of personality in the furnishings.  Kind of like wearing that perfect little black dress with all the wrong accessories… just ruins the whole affect!






No accessories on the ledges.




PB160711 No art to dress up the walls.

After Pictures:

P1071304Rich, interesting furnishings and accessories fill the waiting area with personality. 


Great rug at the entrance.

Terry-a Large, comfortable seating in leather and paisley fabric.

Terry fInteresting artwork helps warm the space and bring in some personality. 


Terry-bCozy touches help deflect a sterile, dentist feel. 




Iron étagère replaced the original less interesting shelving.  It helps to bring some character to the niche.

P1071307Fun accessories help bring in color, texture and warmth.

Artwork helps dress up the hallway and make it more welcoming.


All most spaces need is a little TLC or rather TLDC.  The right touches make all the difference as it did in this dentist office.  The richness and warmth of texture, texture and more texture do wonders for creating “atmosphere” — even in a dentist office.

And if you’re having fun looking at all the beautiful, cozy decor, maybe it’ll take your mind off what they’re about to do to your teeth!

Happy Decorating!


Before and After: Decorating A Banquet On A Budget – From Stark White to Sparkle and Wow!


When I was asked last year to be in charge of the alumni banquet for our local drill team I was happy to help.  Parties, showers, weddings…..that’s all right up my alley so how hard could a banquet be?  It’s my “thing” I guess you could say.  But when I saw the room I was to “wow” up – for a hundred people, including the high school principal and some school board members, to celebrate the ever important 10 year anniversary of our high school drill team – I was…..well….a bit overwhelmed shall we say.  Below is the basic bones of what I had to start with.  It had a very distinct “hospital” quality to it.  Not exactly conducive for the glitzy event we were shooting for.  My first thought was – Oh, dear what have I gotten myself into!  And then I was told I had a whopping $500.00 budget to work with!   Gulp!  Was it even possible?  But the room was donated for free and free was a good thing on such a limited budget.  What to do with it was another story: My job to figure out!


  What do you think?  Can you say……challenge?


After my initial panic I did a little research on material costs, an inventory of what I could round up to use at no cost, and said a few nervous prayers, then I sat down and sketched out what I wanted to do.  This was important to help get me focused and have an actual plan to work from.


First I figured out the basic lay out of the space so I knew how to accommodate the guests and allow enough room for the “models” and the model walk.


Next I determined that I absolutely had to snazz up the unbearably boring, stark white entrance into the banquet room.  It needed to be fun and not so serious looking – as if the guests were visiting a patient at a hospital! 

003 Dressing up the tables with beautiful cloths and centerpieces was extremely important.

004 It was hugely important to me that those looming white walls be dressed up with color to personalize the space.

005 Another wall to cover and dress up. 

Once I determined what needed to be done I set out to purchase the materials I needed – cheap! – and put it all together.


I went to Home Depot and bought their scrap wood (that sells for pennies), some cheap MDF squares, and some fence post that I had Home Depot cut to size.  I managed to get several cuts from each post.



I nailed the squares to the top and bottom of some of the posts to create little pedestal tables.  On the others I left the top of post uncovered, but mounted them to a narrow base to use for my “model walk” runway drape.  Then I painted them black.  (When time got down to the wire my sweet mom and dad came over to help nail and paint!)


Fortunately is was in the fall so all the Christmas decorations were out and I was able to experiment with different ornaments for bling.  That really helped my budget. 


I needed something to create the entrance into the banquet room (of course, something cheap, cheap, cheap!) so I used fence post again and mounted some extra planter hangers I had here to the top to hang my bling from and help support the iron embellishment I had for the top.  (The iron embellishment is a piece I will eventually be putting in my daughter’s bathroom room when I finish re-doing it.) 

After much blood, sweat, tears (and prayers!) it was time to put it all together.  I could only hope and pray it would come together the way I envisioned it.  Several of the drill team moms came out to help me set it all up.


And this is what it ended up looking like.  Hard to tell from the picture, but it made this boring hospital-like hallway sparkle and gave the dull doorway some serious pizzazz.  It gave the guests a fun, glamorous, Hollywood entrance into the banquet room.


This wall was set up with three “memory” tables.  All this fabric was bought with an online 40% off coupon to Hobby Lobby.  This was crucial to my $500.o0 budget!  These beautiful centerpieces were made by one of the drill team moms for a previous function and I was able to recycle them by putting them in some new containers (my own that I lent for “the cause”).




The back wall was dressed up with more fabric to cover up the white walls and bulletin strip that ran the length of these drapes; my homemade pedestals and more of the beautiful recycled blingy arrangements. added some snazz for the eye – really gave the space glam and fabulosity!


We covered the screaming white columns with more fabric to help camouflage (remember them from the before pictures?); used my own vases and mirrors for the table centerpieces, and borrowed the teal stems I’d used at a friend’s wedding for more bling (saving us money!).  The small silver bouquets are balloon holders I got at the dollar store for – you guessed it – a dollar apiece.  I cut teal feather boas (purchased at Hobby Lobby on sale 50% off) to circle the votives on each side of the table.   Underneath each votive is glitzy, reflective craft paper cut into 6×6 squares. 


 I didn’t have enough fabric in the budget to cover the far wall so we just covered the ugly bulletin strip with a black satin valance.

P9260400 This is my “model runway” where the current drill team members modeled all the old drill team uniforms and dance costumes from the last ten years of drill team fun.  I made the boxes that support the “bling trees” and painted them silver. (Again,  I wasn’t the talented one who actually made these gorgeous arrangements.  I just recycled them from an earlier function.)  My inexpensive homemade runway drape made with discounted wood and black feather boas worked beautifully.  Each post had a blingy crystal Christmas ornament hanging from it on the outside.  I failed to get a picture of them, but they looked great.

model walkAnd here are some of the beautiful “models” modeling some of the dance costumes that have been worn over the years.  (That’s my beautiful daughter in the middle!) Notice the “photo booth” behind them?  Another talented drill team mom made that for the girls to have their pictures made in at the end of the year party the previous year so we recycled it again for the alumni banquet.  Too cool!  I just draped the exterior with our teal and black color scheme.


It was an enormous undertaking and an enormous challenge, but in the end I must say it turned out to be quite a beautiful banquet room after all.  It served the purpose well and all the guests seemed genuinely pleased. 

I’ve found that sometimes the biggest challenges push you to be more creative than you otherwise would.  The pictures don’t really do it justice, but I think you can tell it was quite a transition from “before” to “after”.  Especially on a $500.00 budget!

This project definitely pushed me to the limits of my creativity, but it sure was fun pulling it off!  In the end my initial gulp turned to a satisfying sigh of relief.

Creative Commercial Design: From Shell To Sensational!


When Jared contacted me to help with design of his new insurance building I was happy to take on the challenge.  We were under a bit of a time crunch so space planning, decisions and selections had to be made fairly quickly.  Aside from being one of the nicest clients I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with Jared has great vision and is quite the “DIY” guy.   He can knock out walls, put up walls, faux finish, tile floors and much, much more.  Not that he did that with this project, but with his DIY talents he had a bit  of a “designer’s” perspective on what my vision was and could easily integrate my idea’s with his own specific needs.  Jared, his talented wife, Cindy, and I all worked together tirelessly, yet easily, and were all extremely pleased with the end result.  Here is the transition from the original shell to the sensational end result.


This exterior was already complete when I started this job.

Jared-outside entrance-1


But, inside this was the original “shell” when I started the project.

Original Shell



 After taking the measurements and pictures and discussing with Jared what his needs were for employees, clients, etc. I drew up several optional space plans like this one.

Space Plan


We tweaked and moderated the space plans to accommodate all of Jared’s needs, selected all the materials, then began the construction phase.

Construction in Progress 


The walls went up to form the offices.

In Construction


The bathroom and kitchen were framed out.  

In Construction


After much patience the faux finish and trim were completed.

The Trim and Faux Were Completed


Separate offices were ready to go.

Separate Offices


The kitchen cabinets were installed.



 The bathroom tile and fixtures were in and it was ready to be decorated.

The Bathroom


 At last we were finished and they were ready to welcome clients to their beautiful new reception area.

The Reception Area


Large iron wall hangings separate the entrance from the work station and add an interesting, charming twist to the commercial space. 

Iron Dividers


Another view.  Notice the glass door to the right?  Jared put the film on it himself.


These stylish chairs welcome customers while they wait.

Stylish Seating


With the bargain we got on this rectangular rug we opted for this shape instead of the original circular rug we planned for.  But, it looks great.

Oriental Rug and Beautiful Table Welcome Clients


The faux finish actually turned out a bit more “mottled” than anticipated, but it ended up looking really nice when all was said and done.


The one piece Jared really wanted for his personal office was the Texas flag.  I was so happy to find this flag and have it custom framed for his own office space.

Texas Flag for Jared's Office


I found this cool console to display his work paraphernalia on.  It’s actually a wine console, but it makes for a fun, interesting piece for this space.   The artwork above is actually a print of an iron piece complimenting the iron dividers.



This particular commercial job was a fun challenge given the time crunch we were working within, and as I said working with Jared and his wife, Cindy, was an absolute pleasure.   (By the way if you’re in the Flower Mound/Lewisville, Texas area and need insurance – he’s your man:  Contact Jared Rosckes with Nationwide Insurance .)  A man of extreme honesty and integrity I can assure you that you will truly enjoy working with him.  Check him out! 

And if you pay him a visit be sure to let me know what you think of his office!!

Kitchen Re-do: From Dated And Cramped To Divine And Classy!

The best thing about my job is seeing the amazing transformation in a particular space from beginning to end.  Well, that and working with wonderful clients like my client, Griffin.   Griffin has been one the most enjoyable clients I’ve ever worked with: Fun, funny, great taste, willingness to think outside the box and best of all – willing to put his trust in me.  He has a great little gated lake home with a large front yard and an amazing view of the lake that you can see from the circular drive the minute you pull up to the house.  The dining room windows are uncovered during the day so you can see through the dining room and out the wall of windows across the back of the house.   It’s breathtaking!  (You immediately just want to wander out back, plop down on a chaise and sip on a glass of wine.)  

This amazing view is the reason he purchased the home in the first place and it is, understandably, of the utmost importance to Griffin.  He knew when he moved in that some day he wanted to change his cramped little dated kitchen into something more modern that would enable him to see the lake from anywhere he stood.   In addition to this requirement he desperately needed it to be more functional.  After interviewing different contractors he chose Chris, with Archistructure.  (If you have read any of my previous posts his name will be familiar.)  So after my initial design plans were drawn up the three of us began to work together on the final design.  We planned and tweaked ….and planned some more.  Then we tweaked and tweaked and tweaked till we created a space that was both functional and beautiful encompassing everything Griffin wanted.  He now has an updated, highly functional, not to mention gorgeous space.  And best of all he has a lake view from every spot in the kitchen!  Here are the “Before and After” pictures:


BEFORE:  This is the original view of the kitchen entrance from the pass through area.  The pass through was big enough for a small bowling alley!  Lots of wasted space, but it gave us plenty of room to work with in expanding the kitchen.

View Of The Kitchen Entrance


AFTER: We removed the entire wall, raised the ceiling and the same space above now looks like this!  We used stacked slate for the face of the bar, hung blown glass pendants from the vaulted ceiling and added four bar stools.  Perfect for entertaining.  The stacked slate bar front is durable, stunning and compliments the granite perfectly.

Removed Wall For Bar




BEFORE: This view is of the front left corner of the kitchen facing the front yard.  You can see how tiny, cramped and unappealing it is.

Original Front Left Kitchen Corner



AFTER:  This same corner now looks like this.  A corner cook top with a granite backsplash.  Notice the raised ceiling, added canned lighting and cool light fixture, too!

New Kitchen Corner


BEFORE: The opposite corner of the kitchen had a sink and dishwasher.  No personality, no style and no space.

The Sink Area And Right Kitchen Corner



AFTER:  We replaced the window with a much larger, crank style window.  We centered the sink on the new granite countertop.  And to the far right (you can barely see it) what was once a dishwasher is now a doorway leading out to the hall for much easier access to and from the kitchen from Griffin’s office and side entrance.  We replaced the shutters with these rich, cherry woven woods.  

The New Sink, Window And Doorway



BEFORE:  The original fridge and counter space.  Again, not much in the way of personality.

Original Refrigerator



AFTER:  Class, character, elegance and space to move and work.

New Refrigerator



AFTER:  Another view of the fridge, oven and microwave. 

Another View Of The Fridge



BEFORE:  The original kitchen had a peninsula with the stove top sticking out in the middle of the space that hindered mobility.

Original Peninsula


AFTER:  The new kitchen has a spacious, functional island with a granite top, wine fridge, warming drawers, cabinets and shelving for plenty of storage.  Take a look at the slate look tile floor (we found it on clearance!) in a staggered brick pattern.

New Spacious Island



BEFORE:   This is the wall of cabinets blocking the view of the lake that had to go.  We moved the oven and microwave next to the new fridge and opened up this entire space for a spacious bar.

Original Wall Facing Lake



AFTER:  With the removal of the wall he now has an amazing view of the lake and a great place for friends and family to land when entertaining.

New Bar With The Lake View


As you can see what was once a cramped, uninteresting, dated kitchen with low ceilings (that made you feel as if you were in a cave) is now an open, spacious, updated work space.  Griffin has a large family and loves to have holiday parties at his house.  Now his kitchen provides the perfect atmosphere…..and the perfect view!

From Average To Awesome: Guest Room Becomes A Cozy Sitting Room In A Romantic Master Suite


After much thought and consideration my sweet, fun, beautiful client, Jodi, and her wonderful hubby, Danny, decided to stay in their home on their quaint cul-de-sac instead of moving.   They loved their home with all it’s cozy trees, the neighborhood, their neighbors, and the schools in the area.  Having finally made the decision once and for all to stay put they felt they were ready to make some serious modifications on their current home.  They felt a need for change primarily to accommodate their growing family, but also all the entertaining they love to do and the frequent house guests they have, children and adults alike.  After contacting Chris, a wonderful contractor (who I’ve actually worked with on several occasions) to do the renovation, they contacted me to help with the overall design and color selections.  I had worked with Jodi before and was thrilled to be a part of this new, “grand” transition.  

Guest Room Before

Original Guest Room


Original View From Doorway

Original Guest Room View From Doorway

This particular space above, the original guest room, became the cozy, inviting sitting room below.  The new sitting room is right off the new master bedroom where the wall was knocked out and the additional space was created.   Chris did a wonderful job with the addition of the master bedroom and master bath, extending the hand scraped hardwood from the original space into the newly added space without so much as a hiccup.  No one would ever know that it wasn’t laid at the same time.  It enabled us to create this romantic master bedroom and sitting room that flow together seamlessly and beautifully. The end result is a wonderful “master suite”.  She and Danny love cozying up in “their new space” to watch TV, read or just hang out.  Fortunately for Jodi, and unfortunately for Danny, the space turned out so warm and cozy it doubles as her “girl space” when girlfriends are over for wine and chit chat.  Sorry, Danny!


View of the master from the sitting room

 With The Wall Removed And Additional Bedroom Created – New, Rich, Warm, Soothing Colors And Textures Create A Welcoming Space

Jodi has great taste and is very open to suggestions so when I suggested framing the doorway with Austin stone she loved the idea.  The neutral faux finish on the walls and iron sconces add to the Tuscan “vibe”. 

View of the sitting area from the master bedroom

View of Sitting Area From The Master Bedroom

Mastaer Bedroom-sitting area

Rich Patterns and Textures Compliment Both Spaces

Master bedroom ceiling

The Addition Of Beams and Faux Finish On Ceiling Creates Warm

Tuscan Detail

Master Bathroom The Tuscan Theme Was Carried Into Master Bath


I had so much fun designing this bathroom with Jodi and Chris.  Because Jodi thinks outside the box and is willing to try new things she jumped at the chance to create a unique master bath.  We brought in all sorts of textures with stone, pebbles, iron sconces, etc.  The result is an amazing spa oasis anyone would enjoy.  With the addition of this incredible new space the original master bedroom and bathroom upstairs now acts as a beautiful “guest suite” for her guests.  Kudos to Chris whose crew did a fabulous job! 


Master shower

 The Shower Ceiling Is A Mirror Image Of The Shower Floor

Master Bathtub

Pebbles On Step Risers Add Interest To Bath Area

Master Bathtub

Spa Like Bathtub To Soak In After A Long Day

A Need For Change When “It Ain’t Even Broke” – Before And After Pictures

Before Picture: Creamy, Dreamy…Romantic

After Picture: All New Bedding And Pillows Breathe A New Personality

Sometimes we need a change in our jobs, our lives, our homes…..for no other reason than we simply need to be re-charged and re-motivated.   There are those who believe in the old adage, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, and then there are those of us, like myself, and many of my clients who would feel stifled and suffocated if we didn’t make changes here and there.  Making the slightest nuances of change in our homes can breathe fresh air into the space.  Whether it be a new piece of art, a new chair or a new floral arrangement.  My client, Pam, who I have worked with for about a dozen or so (or more) years loves to freshen up and update things a bit now and then.  We began working together on her first house when our girls were literally toddlers.   Now they are both blossoming, beautiful teenagers in highschool.  (It’s dumbfounding how fast it has flown by.)   But, she has been a steadfast and loyal client, as well as a friend, over the years and it has been so much fun working with on her two homes.  She has referred me to her in-laws (precious couple!), brother-in-law, and friends.   All much appreciated, I might add!        These “Before and After” pictures might surprise many of you, because the before pictures actually look like after pictures.   But, as I said, when you feel its time for a change, well then, it’s time for a change.  Pam decided it was out with the old and in with the new.  So she traded her dreamy, creamy palette for some rich, bold browns and blues.  Both looks are incredibly inviting and beautiful…..and while she loved her creamy, romantic bedroom for years….she simply needed a change of scenery.   Along with the new look and new breath of fresh air came an entirely new personality in the space.   Sometimes even “if it ain’t broke”, it’s okay to “fix it”.                

Before Picture: Romantic Chaise Tucked In Bay Area


After: Time For Change


Before: Rich, Creamy Fabrics Against A Soft Brown Wall


     After: Dark Fabrics Against A Light Beige Wall
        Cream Chaise "Before" Gives Way To Animal Print "After" 
Cream Chaise “Before” Gives Way to Animal Print “After”

Living Room – Before and After

Living Room Before

The Transformation
Beautiful Chair – Sad Little Sentimental Tree
Original View From Dining Room
View From Piano Room
Dining Room – Original Drapes
Piano Room W/New Drapes
Original Dining Room Furniture
Converted Dining Room To A Piano Room

This is one my all-time favorite projects.  My client, Susan, (who is wonderful to work with) inherited this home in a lovely neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas from her parents.  And while I’m sure it was quite chic in its day, like all things, there comes a time when change is due.  Susan is all about her love of horses which we incorporated into the design scheme.  We were able to use some of her parents cherished pieces – the English secretary, the marble table, the baby grand piano – and incorporate them into the new look as well.  So while she has a fresh, new space to call her own, she is able to enjoy some of the sentimental pieces once enjoyed by her mom and dad.    How’s this for a transformation! 


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