An Extraordinary Ordinary Life

Given the recent unrest in this world which gets more chaotic everyday…..along with my birthday earlier this month and other events in my life – it’s made me a bit reflective, nostalgic and introspective.  It leads me to sort of think about my place in this crazy, volatile world – and the incredible blessings God has bestowed upon me in my simple, quiet little life – one I very much take for granted.   I know I’m right where God would have me be at this stage of my life….and, sometimes, in the midst of all the “busy-ness” (though not often enough) I stop a minute and realize just how precious my ordinary life is.

My Ordinary Life

I’m an ordinary girl

With an ordinary life…

I’m an ordinary mom

And an ordinary wife


I live on an ordinary street

In an ordinary house

I have ordinary children

And an ordinary spouse


I’m extraordinarily grateful

For this ordinary life

Which brings extraordinary joy

To this mother and this wife

I see extraordinary things

In this ordinary-“ness”

For I know in my heart

I’m extraordinarily blessed…


For my ordinary children

Are extraordinary to me –

My ordinary spouse

The best a man could be -


A roof over my head…

An extraordinary thing

Food on the table

An extra blessing –


Let me never lose sight

Of these extraordinary gifts

In my ordinary life…

That I so greatly cherish

by Sheri Martin © 2012


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