Fun Christmas Tablescapes For Your Next Dinner Party!


First of all, againsooooo sorry for the sparse blog posts lately! Those who follow me and those who frequent my blog know how unusual that is. But, moving back into my house after the flood pushed us out for a month and getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner at my house for the first time ever this year – all while trying to work full time on my interior design business – just kicked my booty! I just simply couldn’t find the time to sit down and blog.

So hopefully I’m back into the swing of things. Since Christmas is around the corner and everyone is getting out their Christmas goodies I thought I’d touch on how to create a jaw-dropping tablescape for your next dinner party. Take a look at some of these fabulous ideas below:


Notice the layering of plates with different patterns? This always creates interest and adds detail. Here gold’s and creams are paired with touches of Christmas red. And, I always love the added flair of place cards.


How fun is this for a festive kid’s table? Just by using fun, happy colors you create an atmosphere of cheer and joy for the little ones. Cluster some fun colorful ornaments like this or in a clear vase and add some bright candles and you’ve got a centerpiece. Most of us have some sort of fun Christmas decoration that can be used for a centerpiece, too. If you don’t have lime green placemats consider using colorful craft paper from your local craft store. They won’t know the difference and it’s a cheap way of creating a fun table. Inexpensive bandanas in Christmas colors make great napkins, too, if you don’t already have Christmas napkins.


This tablescape is a bit on the wild side and I love it! Unique and fun. Use what you’ve got, let your imagination run wild and just go for it. You can make these branch arrangements yourself by collecting branches in your own back yard and wiring on these crystal strands. Yes, ma’am, you can do it!


And, how ‘bout going blue? If these are colors you have in your everyday dishes use them for your holiday dishes by adding Christmas touches like this. This cool blue and white with touches of silver ornaments and silver pine cones – very happy and holiday-esque without the traditional colors.


All creams and whites with gold and silver. Elegant and beautiful. Do you have a three tier stand like this? Just add some ornaments and pearls and you’ve got an elegant centerpiece. Or you can create your own stand by stacking different size plates using small candlesticks, votives or small serving bowls for the pedestals between plates. Use cake icing to “glue” the pedestals and plates in place and then add your ornaments. Voila!


Here, they’ve layered placemats which gives the table color, drama and interest. I like the way the napkins are displayed on each plate, too.


Again, layer your dishware. Here they’ve used gold, black and white. It creates an inviting place setting without a lot of fuss. They kept the centerpiece simple, too. A tall clear vase filled with stems. Lovely.


Layers of gold and reds. The ornament is a fun touch in the bowl. And check out the coasters for the wine glasses. (You could make these with left over garland)


Cluster some inexpensive Christmas trees for a cozy tablescape. Cluster some red berries with your napkins and silverware.


Look at these fun colors. Green, gold, plum. Again – layers! And, again – a large clear votive or vase filled with ornaments and/or pine cones always looks amazing as a centerpiece.


Not so much a tablescape (although I like this arrangement), but I just had to show you these chairs. I love this look with the little wreaths on the back of each one. Too cute!

So look around your house and through all that Christmas “stuff” you’ve collected over the years. Dig out your current dishware. Play with different combinations of colors and “stuff”. I guarantee you it’s possible for you to create your own new, fresh festive tablescape that will wow your guests without having to run out and spend a lot of money. Good luck!

Happy Decorating!

To Brick Or Not To Brick!


First of all sooooooo sorry for the delay in blog posts lately.  Our house flooded a while back and we had to move out of the house for a month while everything was being repaired and I just spent the last week trying to move back in.  Still at it, by the way – twenty or so boxes to go out of ninety. Ugh!  What an ordeal!

One of the things I had to work on during all this was reselecting flooring for almost the entire house.  So the question regarding the kitchen floors became an important decision.  And one of the materials we considered was brick.

Archivodigital_com 7

Because of the potential for water damage in the kitchen (after this nightmare flood especially) we wanted to look at alternative materials to the wood flooring we’d had for years and years.  Aren’t these brick floors so cozy and inviting?  Whether you go with lighter brick shown above…

brick floors Domino

or darker floors shown here – there’s such an element of charm…..

brick floors

and something so warm…..Don’t you see it?


Even with these larger brick tiles.


Or different patterns….


They’re just inviting……


and make a home feel homier (is that a word?)


And a kitchen feel more kitchen-y….but in a really good way!  Such a warm and cozy vibe!

So brick was definitely the way I would have gone IF I hadn’t decided to stick with wood throughout the entire house.  Yes, I did!  I know, I know – crazy after all this – right?….But, the flood wasn’t from anything in the kitchen and I’ve had it for nineteen years and still love it!  So wood it is!

But, if you’re in the market for a new kitchen floor give brick some serious thought.  It’s soooooo cool looking and it’s much more water friendly.

Happy Decorating!

Wedding Cupcakes Take The Cake!


With my son and his fiance’ planning a wedding for May there has been some discussion here lately on the type of wedding cake they want.  (And how unbelievably expensive they are!!!!!  I mean……it’s just flour and sugar, etc. so what the heck?!!!!)  One of the options they are considering is a  cupcake tower of some sort. 


Apparently there are so many fun possibilities with cupcakes….


So many themes and personalities… these classic looks…


And, these fun ideas below…






How’s this for over-the-top?


How’s this for fun???



And how are these for just flat out gorgeous???



You can display them in different shapes….


Or fun  colors…..



Each with their own unique charm.


Each with their own unique personality.

So cupcakes just might be a really fun alternative to the traditional wedding cake.  You just have to decide if you want to go fun or sophisticated, elegant or casual.  Colorful and splashy or white and sleek.  One more thing to think about for your wedding.  Decisions, decisions, decisions…..

Happy Decorating!!!

A Sneak Peak At Some Shabby Chic


For all the interest in a more modern, clean, stream lined look these days -  there are still those who love girlie clutter, lace, antiques, and floral fabrics.  Yes, ma’am…the oh-so-cozy, oh-so-savvy, oh-so-inviting look of shabby chic still rings true for many…..


Like this feminine, cozy daybed.  Isn’t this so girlie, so inviting?


Or this pair of floral chairs, this floral rug or these floral table covers.  Sweet and girlie!


A cleaner look, but still shabby chic-ish with the whites, creams, the French cane chairs, etc.


  Look at this stunning room!  The ultimate in shabby chic!

Mmmmm… sweet, so feminine, so shabby chic!


Sweet mirror.


Shabby desk, floral chair, floral rug…..


Great chandelier, awesome white bed with awesome white bedding.  Love this!


Lots of great stuff!


Need I say more!


Ohhhhhh….emmmmmm….geeeeee.  Love, love, love this all white dining room with these fabulous chandeliers and hard wood floors!

A pair of old shabby doors for a headboard, classic traditional chandelier, white bedding….how cool.

Mmmmmm…….does it get any more cozy and inviting than the “shabby chic” rooms in these pictures?  I think not!

Happy Decorating!

Oh, Wow!! I Love Horchow!!


If you want to get some great ideas for reupholstering your furniture for that high end look take a stroll through the Horchow outlet if you have one near you.  We have one here locally that’s always filled with fabulous furniture.  It’s still very, very high end even at their discount prices, but for the right buyer the prices are great.  For others on a lesser budget (yes, like me), it’s just a fun place to peruse to get the latest and greatest in design ideas to duplicate.


Like this fun fabric and fresh new look on this Old World style chair……


Or this multi-leather sofa with the furry pillows.


Isn’t this great detail?  If you can’t afford a high end sofa like this – duplicate the look with faux leather!  They have some great looking options now that look just like the real thing.


This sleek look in the monochromatic color scheme is a great look, too.  Paired with this leather ottoman it creates a very chic, interesting look.


And, here’s a fun fabric combination for a hip look.


Fun fabric takes a “serious” style chair in a whole different direction.


And this is a great look with the cheetah fabric, dark leather and floral pillow.  Wild and fun!



Cowhide and black leather give this traditional chair a new personality.


And leather with plaid……another unique, specific personality and great combo.  This would look great in a den or man-cave.  And again, if you can’t afford the real deal….remember you can simulate the same look on your own sofa with faux leather and an inexpensive plaid.

Lots of fun furniture and fun ideas!  If you are at a place financially where you can invest in these wonderful pieces Horchow is a great place to check out.  If not, like I said, it’s a great place to get ideas to knock off the same look within your own budget!  So go for it!

Happy Decorating!!!

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas……


Well, now that Halloween has come and gone and the fall colors give way to Thanksgiving -  it’s time to set our sights on Christmas!  (I know……onto the next decorating adventure!  Isn’t it fun!) 

On a recent visit to the World Trade Center in Dallas I came across some gorgeous Christmas decorations at one of the showrooms I love to frequent.  A great place to get ideas for a new look for your tree!


Like this wonderful green, cream and white combination. So fun, fresh and festive. Notice all the large scale items here?  Notice how some of these are clustered together for more impact?  These are the little things that take a Christmas tree from ordinary to extraordinary.




Add the crystal and silver and it’s even more spectacular!




And take a look at this ribbon.  Isn’t it rich and gorgeous?!


Then there’s this all silver tree with black ribbon.   Breathtaking!


This black velvet ribbon is such a dramatic, elegant touch.


Stunning mantel arrangement…..Again notice all the large scale ornaments clustered together?  This creates impact and drama!


Lots of fun accessories.


See how much “stuff” they cram onto a tree?  That’s the secret, my friend!


And there’s always burgundy and gold.  A rich, sophisticated pairing of traditional colors.


More great ribbon in the burgundy color way….


And another spectacular tree packed with lots of “stuff” in burgundy and gold!

Mmmmmm……whichever color you prefer…..all so festive and beautiful! 

Here’s just a few little tips when decorating your own tree:

1)  Choose 5 or so different style ornaments and buy 15 – 20 of each of these decorations to repeat all over the tree.  That will give it a “theme” and some consistency. 

2)  Buy large scale ornaments that show up from a distance to mix with your smaller ornaments.

3)  You can cluster three or so ornaments together with pipe cleaners to make them appear larger on the tree.

4)  Buy inexpensive bushels of poinsettias or floral of choice and separate stems with a wire cutter.  Place individual stems throughout tree.

5)  Purchase inexpensive  ball ornaments and write names of family members and loved ones on them with metallic paint pen,  add ribbon in the color of choice through the wire loop and incorporate onto tree.

Happy Decorating!


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