Doggie Bed’s For Dog Lovers: Fit For A King


There are those who have pooches that they love and then there are those that have pooches that they REALLY, REALLY LOVE.  They consider them beloved members of the family.  And, well, these animal lovers simply must have the best of the best for man’s (or woman’s) best friend:   The best dog food available, frequent play dates with their doggy friends, lots and lots of love and pampering.  For these dog lovers and their much loved dogs the perfect doggy bed is essential. 

After all what sweet pooch doesn’t deserve a bed fit for a king?


Can’t you see a your little poochy in this yummy bed?


And, of course, their dog food bowls would have to measure up.  Much like dining on a fine dining table….only the best!


A bit more casual, but regal none-the-less.. No doubt still fit for a king.


And, of course, a matching dog bowl set. 


A bed fit for the queen more than the king.  Girlie, feminine, precious.


And, of course, her matching “dining set”.  Only the finest for the queen.


For the more “casual chic” pooch above and the “shabby chic” pooch below.


For those of you with bigger “best friends” check out this bed below.  Has a cool urban vibe.




Great dog bowl set up for the big guys. Marble and iron. Looks almost like a coffee table here!

More cool styles:










Great little step ladder….so lush and rich.

   These beds and food bowl sets are so attractive they don’t detract from or clutter your home.  They can actually add to it’s charm.

So if you are a dog lover consider treating him or her to a little royalty, a little pampering with a dog bed “fit for a king”.  After all……you will never find a more loyal, loving friend.

Happy Decorating!

Place Settings With Personality


Would you love to get creative and fun with your place settings at your next dinner party – but you’re just not quite sure how?  Do you have trouble coming up with the perfect theme?  Take a look at some of these fun table settings and consider one of them for your next event.  Your guests will be not only be impressed, they’ll look forward to dining sitting down to such a cozy, beautiful spread to enjoy your wonderful meal.


Layers of silver create an elegant look, but the hammered metal finish brings it down a notch from prissy to just plain cool.


This blue and white on a mirrored placemat is fun and inviting.  Love the blue glassware.  And it looks great with the brown dishware.


How about plum with cream?  Isn’t this lovely with the textured placemat, silk napkin with it’s plum napkin ring and of course the plum wine glasses.


For a hip, casual feel how about these leather look placemats and coasters with these brown and cream dishes.  I like the square on square look.


This is a crisp, clean look with the turquoise and white on this contemporary glass table.


The textured woven placemat with the square dishware in layered colors, topped off with a brown napkin and “birdie” napkin ring is casual, but chic.  It would work great with the Casual Chic furniture from yesterday’s post.


The black and silver lends a sophisticated vibe to this table as does the dome dish cover.  You can’t help but feel you will lift that cover to find the finest of the finest meal underneath. (A little pressure on the cook, but a very glamorous setting!)

Below is a fresh look with the white, distressed dishware layered with the teal leaf plate.  You can throw in a splash of added color in your wine or water glass like this gold or red.  Or you could switch out the teal for another pop of color.  A good set of white or cream plates is always a good idea for this very reason.


A closer look.


Notice how the napkins are numbered.  Fun.





Images from Z Gallery and Codarus

Did you get any new ideas for your own table setting?  Or you can just take bits and pieces from each of them and come up with your own look. 

Also, remember you can incorporate items into the table setting that aren’t necessarily made for that.  Check around your house for items that can be “tweaked” and incorporated for a fresh fun look.  Picture frames for name cards, flower stems for napkin rings, washrags (in good shape) for napkins at an outdoor barbecue, craft paper squares for place mats, etc.  Have fun with it and remember – don’t be ordinary….BE EXTRAORDINARY!!

Happy Decorating!!!

A Peek At Casual Chic


If you consider yourself a little bit hip, and a little bit casual; if you like a look that’s a little bit masculine, yet a little bit feminine – and you love furniture that screams warm and comfy“Casual Chic” may be your style.  Casual Chic gives you all the hipness, and coolness of the “Urban” craze, but with a little more…..what’s the word….gentility.  It allows for the perfect culmination of masculine meets feminine, chic meets casual.  Simple neutral, somewhat masculine colors in fun, casual textures – on detailed, sometimes feminine frames -  creates a unique, inviting look like no other.


This gray chaise lounge with it’s curved, French frame paired with this cream contemporary style wing back chair creates a very warm, inviting…yet very hip, chic setting.


I love the straight lines and leather on these chairs mixed with the curvature and dainty quality of the table.  Masculine meets feminine.


Look at this console table.  Old arches that appear to have been on some sort of architectural piece re-worked with a long plank on top of them. Too cool.  And I like the large scale mirror leaning against the wall on top of it.  Casual, yet chic!


Rusted out iron mounted and turned into a candelabra, placed on a mirrored table.  Hmmm… that cool or what?


Old wood turned into chests and nightstands…and the signage on the wall that becomes art…. Love it.


Who knew that covering an old bench with a burlap slipcover could look so hip and chic?


An unfinished table cloistered with burlap chairs and topped with a multitude of candles – simple, understated, inviting. 

And, I’ll say it again… hip, so casual, yet so chic.

Casual Chicfor the coolest of cool!

Happy Decorating!!!

Savvy Sofa’s With Attitude


If you are in the market for a new sofa take a look at some of these fabulous pieces from one of my favorite showrooms, Grassroots Imports.  I’ve done a couple of posts on them before.  One about their awesome blingy, mirrored pieces and one about their amazing old doors.  Today’s posts is about their lush, fun, “hip” sofa’s.  Take a peek and see if you think these sofa’s have a certain swank and swagger to them with their fun lines and textured fabrics.  They have, shall we say……attitude”.  

sofa 1

Do you detect a bit of Hollywood glam?

sofa 3

I’m lovin’ the gray!

sofa 4a

Can you say sleek and sassy!  Like a glamorous Hollywood star with bright red lipstick!

sofa 5

Classic, classy……Wow!

sofa 6

Burlap fabric and ebony frame……beautiful.  Casual, yet chic.

sofa 7

Love the curves here…..And look at the prissy back below.  Love it! Attitude I tell you!

sofa 8


sofa 9

The piece above and the piece below – both neutrals – both rockin’ a totally different look.

sofa 10

Each with their own unique personality….their own attitude.

What kind of attitude would you like to bring to your own space?   If you like these transitional and/or contemporary pieces consider one of these styles for your own home.  Build the rest of the room around your swanky new sofa. 

Time to give your space some sass….time to give it attitude!

Happy Decorating!!

All Things French And Fabulous!


There is just something so fabulous about French style.  The colors, the curves, the textures.  It brings such a rich, elegant vibe to any space.  You can be very specific to the French style for the entire space or you can incorporate some of these pieces on a lighter scale to your own existing style.  

Image (11)

Love the mix of colors and textures.

Image (5)

New fabrics on age old styles give them a more modern, updated look and make them fun.

Image (6)


Image (15)

Feminine and fabulous!!!

Image (7)

These butterflies add a touch of whimsy.

Image (8)

Classic French.

Image (9)

Image (10)

Images by French Market

And don’t think you can’t go contemporary with classic French pieces.  Look how fun this pattern is.  Can’t you see this in a contemporary space?

There is a vast array of styles and fabrics in French design that can be incorporated in just about any setting.  Not every setting, of course, but a great many.  If you love this style consider it for your own home.  Add a touch of French…..and a touch of class and pizzazz to your space!

Happy Decorating!!

Define Your Style: Another Look At Your Dream Kitchen


If you could plan your dream kitchen…….any style at all…..what would it be?  Would you prefer clean, sleek lines, no clutter, stainless steel and smooth rich stained cabinets (no grain showing)?

Or do you see yourself in a cozy country kitchen with different paint colors on your cabinets – maybe distressed – some bright, fun flowers, a little decorative clutter, and café curtains on the windows?

Maybe you prefer Old World, Rustic, Transitional…….how do you define you style?

Do you know what you like?  Or maybe only what you don’t like?  Take a look at the kitchens below and see what style suits you best.

Do you like the look of these contemporary kitchens?  No clutter, clean lines, rich stain?

contemporary 1


contemporary 4

contemporary 7


Maybe that’s too contemporary?  You want more stuff, more color, more curves and textures.  See if these country kitchens are what you see yourself in:

country 4

country 7

Notice the curves, the two tone cabinets, the baskets, the country hardware as opposed to the sleek style of the contemporary kitchens above?

country 6


Still yet, you may prefer the “Old World” charm.  Like the oversized farm sink, a cozy iron pot rack, the oil rubbed bronze fixtures, rich earthy colors and lots of European charm:

old world 2

old world 3

Like these rich, earthy textures, and the touches of iron?  Make sure to check out the ceiling in the picture below.

old world 5

old world 4


Maybe you prefer some  rustic touches?

rustic 6

Like this flagstone floor and stone entrance, beams on the ceiling.

rustic 1

Or the tree trunk chairs, bead board ceiling, leather and iron chairs.

rustic 4

Or these log walls.

If you’re somewhere in the middle of all these you might be dreaming of a more transitional space like these below:

transitional 4

transitional craftsman 1

transitional 3

images by BHG

So what’s your dream kitchen?  Can you define your style?

It can be a tough decision remodeling a space like this.  Remember your kitchen is one of the most important, if not the most important selling feature in your home.  So in addition to designing a space for you to enjoy with your family and friends, be sure to keep that in mind. 

If you are seriously considering a remodel do like I always suggest and start a file.  Pull tear sheets of everything you like.  Take pictures of models, restaurants, friends kitchens, etc….  You’ll start seeing some consistency there in what colors, textures and overall style you like.  It will help you immensely once the selection process begins.  Remodeling can be a very costly venture and one that you might find best done with professional guidance.

 I hope these pictures helped you to define your style!

Happy Decorating!

The Allure Of Animal Print: Still Going Strong


Think animal print has run it’s course?  Think again.  It’s actually a timeless addition that’s been around for ages and will continue to be around.  It’s fun, can be quirky and can lighten and brighten an over-stuffy, serious roomThese days, let’s face it, we need all the “lightening up” and" “brightening” we can get in our lives.  So consider adding a splash of animal print. (I have a little splash of it somewhere in almost every room in my house!) It can be in traditional colors or something wild and bright like fuchsia or lime green.  Think outside the box and have fun with it. 


It could just be in something small like this accessory.


Or larger like this chair.


Or this ottoman.  Love this cowhide.


What about something fun like this chest?

Be careful with animal print.  It’s not something you want to overdo.  I’d think long and hard before doing an entire sofa or loveseat. That could be a bit much!  Better to use animal print as the accent pieces on a sofa or drapes and/or your other furnishings and accessories for the overall look of the space.  Remember when it comes to animal print a little goes a long way.

Lots of fun pieces to consider.  Take a look at some these other options below:










Fun, huh?

So when designing your own space throw in a little twist with some animal print and create a little fun of your own!

Happy Decorating!

Cozy Up Out Back: Fabulous Fireplaces For Outdoor Living

It’s that time of year where a cozy fire makes all the difference.  I know those of you up north are in an area where it’s just too cold to sit outside fireplace or not for at least a couple more months.  But, in the west and in the south this time of year can be perfect for firing up the fireplace and scooting up in a comfy chair with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate, a glass wine or a coffee drink.  And, of course, your significant other and friends.

Super Cozy sitting area

 Better Homes and Gardens had some wonderful pictures filled with great ideas for warm, cozy sitting areas in front of the fire.  Take a look at this picture above and notice all the details here.  Remember, the design is in the details.  It’s what will take the space from so-so to oh-my-gosh!  In the picture above check out the chandelier, the pillars with the stonework and the comfy, inviting furniture.  All those gorgeous flowers don’t hurt either!  Doesn’t this look cozy?????  I want it in my own backyard.  Everything….all of it! 

fireplace with blackwicker

 For those of you who prefer a cleaner, less cluttered space you might like something like this patio above.  Beautiful fireplace, great furniture.  Love the black and red brick floor.

 Great fireplace

Great look here with the ivy growing all over the stone fireplace, the flagstone floor and the wonderful punch of red in the upholstery and the umbrella.  This combines cozy and clean.

 bead board

Great space here in this outdoor kitchen and dining area.  The fireplace can also add a cozy charm without the heat in the summertime by adding candlelight as shown above. 

pendants with fireplace

This stacked stone fireplace has a bit more rustic feel.  Love the height.

Stone Fireplace

Great patio with an amazing view. Look at the detail on this wonderful fireplace.  The urns on each side add decorative detail.  The greenery as a back drop enhances the stone’s texture and character.  The cozy wicker seating provides for a great conversation space.

It’s time to think about the style, color and size fireplace you’d like to have and start planning your own outdoor space.  It’ll be your new favorite place to hang out with family and friends.

Stay Warm and Happy Decorating!!!

The Antique Garden: A Cozy Little Shop In A Cozy College Town


Whenever we’ve gone to Norman, OK to visit my sons who attend(ed) The University of Oklahoma we always stop by our favorite little shop for a peek.  It’s filled with some of the most original pieces, hip upholstery and, well, just lots of goodies to gawk at.  Yes, it’s one of those shops I’d like to curl up in with a cup of tea.  And that tells you it’s wonderful!

IMG_1079 The exterior is cozy and inviting and makes you anxious to get inside.


The entry “porch” is filled with fun accessories like this birdcage and iron.

IMG_1081 Somehow they make a chipped up, old rocking chair look appealing and “must have”.


Inside you’ll always find fun, chic upholstered pieces.

IMG_1100 And, more fun accessories like this Boomer Sooner sign. 


They always have lots of interesting finishes on their furnishings.

IMG_1106 And great lighting throughout the store.


Love this old, distressed piece in these fun, interesting mix of colors.

IMG_1108 And how about these old doors?  Aren’t they great?

If you’re ever in Norman you have to stop by this quaint little shop in at Boyd and Buchanan, Oklahoma’s Historical Campus Corner.  You will love it.  Or, that’s just not possible, you can visit there website here.

As for us, as much as we love that little shop, we had even more exciting things going on that day.  Forgive my bragging rights here:  My second son, Daniel, graduated OU!  Woo Hoo!!

IMG_1020 We were all so happy and proud!

IMG_1037 Our nearby family got to join us for the big day and help make it more special.


 His precious girlfriend, Melissa, was there to cheer him on. 


 Lots of happy celebrating!

We are so proud of him and excited for his future!

And, he’s almost off the payroll!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Two college graduates down… more to go! I think we might survive these college years after all!!

Happy Day and Happy Decorating!!!!


New Year’s Eve Party With A Twist: And More Fun Party Idea’s


Our New Year’s Eve was a different sort of party this year since two of the couples got to celebrate with their grandchildren.   Doug and I and our friends, Connie and Steve, gave our kids a break for the evening and agreed to let the grandbabies party with us! 

IMG_1379 My granddaughter, Kaisley, met their grandson, Brody, for the first time.


They quickly struck up a friendship!

IMG_1401 So sweet, so fun!

IMG_1396Soon they were off to bed and the party continued. 


 Connie went with a black and gold theme.  She had hats and headbands and noisemakers ready. 




Fun friends!  Great headbands!


Connie had each of us pull two cards from this bowl with a “chore” listed on each one.  Each guest had a duty to perform at different designated times throughout the evening.  Once we did our “chore” we got to select from a pile of presents as a reward for doing our job.  (My jobs were to announce the time at 9:00pm and again at 11:30pm.)


We picked from these pretty gifts.  How fun is that?


 The evening’s dinner was “make your own pizza”.  The pizza bar was set up with different toppings to choose from so we could customize our own pizza’s.  Love this idea!



IMG_1431 IMG_1422

We each made our personal pan pizza’s to our liking.


Then we sat down at her beautifully decorated black, gold and cream dining table to chow.


Along with the pizza we had this incredible Mandarin Salad.  It was so good I included the recipe.  You have to try it.  Delicious!

1/4 cup sliced almonds

1 tbs plus 1 tsp sugar

1 bunch romaine lettuce (I mix the red and green) – bite size pieces
2 stalks celery-chopped

2 green onions w/tops sliced

1 can mandarin oranges – drained

Cook almonds & sugar over low heat stirring until sugar is melted and almonds are coated.

Sweet and Sour Dressing:

1/4 cup vegetable oil

2 tbs sugar

2 tbs vinegar

1 tbs snipped parsley

1/2 tsp salt

Dash of pepper

Dash – Red Pepper Sauce (if you want it a little hotter-use more)

Shake above ingredients in tightly covered jar-refrigerate


One of my hubbies jobs was to pass out the jello shots. None for me….I was the designated driver!  (Although she made them very, very lightweight and I probably could have had just one earlier in the evening!)



Wasn’t long before we hit the hot tub!


Then it was time to head indoors for the magical New Years Eve Countdown.


And suddenly it was here.  A toast to 2011!

I hope this great party gave you some new ideas for next years New Year’s Eve party or even another party during the coming year. 

A final wish for you and yours to have a Happy, Healthy, Fruitful New Year!!!  

And now, with the New Year well on its way, it’s time to put the holidays behind and get back to the business of Interior Design.

Happy Decorating!!!!

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