Tablescapes for New Year’s Eve and Throughout The New Year


 Need idea’s for a great tablescape tonight, this weekend or even at various events throughout the new year?  Check out some of these sassy and savvy tablescapes from creative party planners all over the country.   Lots of colors, themes and styles to choose from for everything from New Years Eve, to Easter to next Fall.   Take ideas from each of of these fun looks and “tweak” them to suit your own personal style.  Rummage through your “stuff” all over the house and get creative!  Combine the items you have on hand with some of the ideas below and impress your guests with a unique, fun, inexpensive tablescape of your own.

Sandra Lee, below, always has great idea’s for a fun table.

Sandra Lee as seen on

                                                                                               image by cafemom

This table below could be tweaked for Valentines, Easter, birthday, New Year’s Eve or just any party theme.

                                                                                             image by hgtv 

 Beautiful fresh flowers…..always a great idea.  Pair them with silver and china for a formal look, or casual dinnerware and rustic candlesticks for a casual look.

                                                                                                                                   image by elizabethannedesigns

 Take this tablescape below and run with it!  Replace the Christmas accessories with those for a child’s birthday, an anniversary, a shower…..really any event.  Just use this basic layout as a guide.

                                                                                                                                                                                 image by reddoorinteriors

Below is a little more “urban sophisticated” with the blacks and creams.  Simple and elegant.

                                                                              image by treadwaydesigns 

I’m a sucker for a “girlie” table like the one below.  Great for a tea, a shower,  Easter, etc.

                                                                                                                                                                                  image by dreamorganizers

Love the greens and the salmon color below on the white cloth.  Sweet, simple, beautiful.

                                                                                  image by happywonderer

Check out more creative ideas below:

                                                                      image by more-than-heirlooms

                                                                                          image by kappaprep

                                                                            image by kateaspen

                                                                                          image by manolobrides

                                                                                 image by bridaltweet

                                                                                                      image by kappadallas

                                                                                                      image by hgtv

                                                                                                 image by franticfemale


That should give you a great many wonderful ideas for your own functions throughout the year.  If you have some fun pictures of your own let me know!

May your New Year be blessed, happy and safe!

Happy New Year and Happy Decorating!!!!!

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Easy To Make Yummy Cocktails For New Year’s Eve


If you are having a New Year’s Eve Party, or just going to a party and want to bring something fun and impressive to drink,  take a look at some of these fabulous drinks from Sandra Lee’s Semi Homemade recipes.



Makes: 1 drink

  • 11⁄2 ounces tequila, Jose Cuervo Especial®

  • 1 ounce blood orange mixer, Stirrings®

  • 1⁄4 ounce blood orange bitters, Stirrings®

  • Ice cubes


    In a cocktail shaker, combine tequila, blood orange mixer, and blood orange bitters. Add ice; cover and shake until very cold. Strain into a chilled glass.



    There’s nothing easier than combining Irish cream liqueur and vanilla flavored vodka for a Cream Twist. Not only is it simple, this creamy, vanilla treat is a real delight.


    Makes: 1 drink

    • 2 ounces Irish cream liqueur, Baileys®

    • 1⁄2 ounce vanilla flavored vodka, Smirnoff®

    • Ice cubes


      In a cocktail shaker, combine Irish cream and vodka. Add ice; cover and shake until very cold. Strain into a chilled martini glass.



      Smooth and creamy, great for anytime of the year but especially soothing after celebratory shouts of "Happy New Year!" The Buca-Cino is an urbane blend of milk, half-and-half, sambuca and gin, simple to make and exquisite to serve.


      Makes: 1 drink

      • 1 ounce half-and-half

      • 1 ounce milk

      • 3⁄4 ounce sambuca, Romana Sambuca®

      • 1⁄2 ounce gin, Tanqueray®

      • Ice cubes


        In a cocktail shaker, combine half-and-half, milk, sambuca, and gin. Add ice; cover and shake until very cold. Strain into a chilled martini glass.


        The mojito is exotic bliss combining sweet and refreshing citrus with mint flavors, and a twist of coconut. Blend mojito drink mix, coconut rum, and a splash of ginger ale to excite your taste buds.


        Makes: 1 drink

        • Ice cubes

        • 11⁄2 ounces mojito drink mix, Stirrings®

        • 11⁄2 ounces coconut rum, Captain Morgan Parrot Bay® Coconut

        • 1 splash ginger ale

        • Fresh mint sprig


          Fill short glass with ice. Pour in mojito mix and rum. Top with ginger ale. Stir gently and garnish with fresh mint.

          POM BLANCO:

          Pom Blanco is a vibrant, festive and fizzy drink to serve at your holiday party. Mixed with tequila, pomegranate, lime juice, and a splash of soda water, this bubbly drink is the perfect prelude to a scintillating evening.


          Makes: 1 drink

          • 11⁄2 ounces tequila, Don Julio® Blanco

          • 3⁄4 ounce pomegranate juice

          • 1⁄2 ounce lime juice

          • Splash simple syrup

          • Splash soda water

          • Cranberry swizzle stick


            In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine tequila, pomegranate juice, lime juice, and simple syrup. Shake vigorously until very cold. Strain into a glass. Top with a splash of soda water. Garnish with a cranberry swizzle stick.



            Makes: 1 serving

            • 4    ice cubes

            • 3    tablespoons apple sourball mix, Hiram Walker®

            • 3    tablespoons vodka, Smirnoff®

            • 2    teaspoons sweet vermouth

            • 1    apple slice


            In a cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients except
            the apple slice. Cover and shake for 15 seconds. Strain
            into a martini glass and garnish with the apple slice.
            Serve immediately.



            Their taste is well worth toasting—velvety vanilla vodka, pineapple, and Key lime juice, with a top note of cream of coconut, blended into a fitting concoction to bid the year a sweet farewell and ring in a new one so full of promise.


            Makes: 1 drink

            • Ice cubes

            • 2 shots vanilla vodka, Stoli®

            • 1 shot unsweetened pineapple juice, Dole®

            • ½  shot bottled Key lime juice, Nellie & Joe’s®

            • 2 tablespoons cream of coconut, Coco Lopez®


            Fill a martini shaker with ice cubes. Add vodka, pineapple juice, Key lime juice, and cream of coconut. Shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass.


            My Champagne Sabayon is the perfect drink to serve at the conclusion of a huge holiday feast. It is a dessert and a cocktail in one. This tempting treat starts with a blend of honey, berries, and champagne, and ends with a fluffy cream topping that is sure to leave you satisfied.


            Makes: 6 drinks

            • 11⁄4 cups extra-dry Champagne, Moët & Chandon®

            • 1⁄4 cup honey

            • 1 package (16-ounce) frozen mixed berries, thawed

            • 3 teaspoons grated orange zest

            • 1⁄4 cup fresh orange juice

            • 1 package (12.3-ounce) silken extra-firm tofu

            • Orange zest curls (optional)


              In a glass measuring cup, combine 1⁄2 cup of the Champagne and 2 tablespoons of the honey, stirring until honey dissolves. In a small bowl, pour Champagne over berries. Stir 2 teaspoons of the orange zest and the orange juice into berry mixture. Let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes to 1 hour. For the Champagne Sabayon, place remaining 3⁄4 cup Champagne into blender. Add tofu, the remaining 2 tablespoons honey, and the remaining 1 teaspoon orange zest. Cover and blend on high until smooth. Chill in refrigerator until ready to serve. To serve, divide berry mixture among 6 champagne flutes. Top with Champagne Sabayon. Garnish with orange zest curls (optional).


              How’s that for some drinks that are not only tasty, but down right beautiful!  Have fun, be safe. and please drink responsibly!!

              Happy New Year

              And, As Always, Happy Decorating!

              Party Decor Idea’s For Your New Years Eve Party


              Need some fun party idea’s for your New Years Eve party?  Check out some of these fun party settings.


              Do you want to  spruce up your table with color?  What about pinks, reds, purples and oranges?  Take a close look at this picture.  Nothing on this table is expensive, but put it all together like this and it looks like a million bucks.



              Would you prefer classic black, white and gold?  A more formal look, but you can’t go wrong with these colors. 



              Leftover Christmas decorations go a long way in sprucing up your New Years Eve table.


              Bring some fun textures to your table.



              Name tags and/or party favors in soft turquoise and silver are very inviting and fun.



              Don’t forget the horn blowers and the noise makers.  They make a fun centerpiece, too.



              Silver and white makes an elegant table.  Horn blowers with silver party tinsel and this collection of clocks – ticking away the New Years countdown – make for a fun, whimsical, but beautiful centerpiece.


              This table is fun, casual and hip with the dark brown table and tray, and the martini glasses and popcorn ready to go. 

              Hope these fun idea’s help you to come up with the color scheme and theme of for your own New Years Eve party.

              Send me some pictures!

              Happy New Year and Happy Decorating!!!! 

              Happy, Merry Christmas!!!!

              A good friend of ours (who we haven’t seen for years) sent us the best Christmas card ever this year.  Custom made just for us – a flash to the past…..made us laugh and reminisce for half an hour.  What a great idea to personalize a card!

              Check this out:

              Marc's card - 1 


               That’s me on the far left and my handsome husband next to me.  (Yes, I’ve got some serious hair working – but, it was the 80’s after all!)  Beside him is our sweet friend, Marc.  What a fun, sentimental card!!!  I just love this idea!  Think about this next year for someone in your life.

              The top picture is before we had a family. - Here we are below almost thirty years later with grown children and a grandbaby. 

              Seeing these two pictures side by side puts it all in perspective….how quickly it goes by, how blessed I have been and how important it is to cherish the moments along the way.   


              When I worked at a design center there was a precious Hispanic cleaning lady who came through the office years ago at Christmas time smiling and saying a heartfelt, “Happy, Merry Christmas!” to everyone.  It was so sweet and precious I decided I liked her little expression.  It had a sweet ring of kindness and joy to it.

              So Happy, Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!!

              A Time To Be Thankful – A Time To Give


              These days it’s more important than ever to count our blessings.  Things we once took for granted we now stop to be thankful for.  How many of us know someone who has been laid off,  whose income has been drastically altered or who has closed down a once thriving business?  When things become difficult like they are for so many in this country (and around the world)  it tends to bring us back to our roots and fill us with a much needed dose of humility.   And, sometimes it opens our eyes and fills us with a new sense of empathy for those less fortunate.  We realize……if things are tight for us…..what must it be like for those who really struggle?  Those who are desperately in need?


              I’m blessed and honored to be a part of a local outreach program that exists solely to help the poor or those who just suddenly, unexpectedly find themselves in dire straights financially.  And, these days, there are a great many people who never, NEVER thought they’d find themselves reaching out for help.  People just like you…..people just like me.  Quite sobering and humbling.  But, for the grace of God, how many of us could find ourselves in the same situation given just a few twists and turns in our own lives?


              This organization is called CCA which stands for Christian Community Action.  I’m part of the Charity League (CCACL) which is comprised of a group of women who work together to meet needs, and fill some of the breeches and gaps that need to be addressed.  These are just a few of the women who donate time, energy and money to help meet these needs. (I’m the one without my CCA shirt on.  Couldn’t find it that morning!)


              What we are doing this particular day is getting ready to work the toy store for Christmas. 


              As shoppers come through the door they are greeted with this sweet nativity scene. A reminder of what Christmas is truly and historically about.  It’s amazing to me that some people don’t even realize that this holiday originated as the celebration of the birth of Christ. Mind-boggling!


              Those who shop at the toy store have registered and been pre-approved before they even get here.  They have scheduled shopping times and a certain amount of “dollars” they can use for each child.  Dollars is a term used loosely because, of course, no money ever exchanges hands.  This table above is where they sign in.  Then one of the volunteers walks through the store with them to help them select the items for their children.


              This is one of the first things shoppers see – a large bulletin board that houses gift cards to various stores for ages 13-18.  This age group is very, very much in need of donations.  People tend to be quite generous for the little ones, but this age group tends to be somewhat forgotten.  And, of course, it’s just as important for this precious age group to receive gifts during a difficult time as it is for the little ones.  So gift cards are always welcome as well as other items for that age group such as clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc.


              All of these items are brand new, nothing used, so the children feel special on Christmas morning.


              There are a few (very few) electronic items donated for the older ones.  There are rules and limitations on who gets these items.  There has to be a certain number of kids in the family over the age of six to meet the requirements to “purchase” these items with their “dollars”.  But, thanks so some wonderful people who have the heart to donate, these items are available for some, limited quantities though they may be. 



               There is a section for each age group for the boys and for the girls.


              There are the cars and trucks for boys.


              Fun stuffed animals and items for the very, very little ones.


              Of course, Barbies and baby dolls for the precious little girls.


              People were very generous with bicycles this year.  Each child who receives a bike also receives a complimentary helmet. 


              There’s a sports shelf.  While there were some items here this is an area where we need a great many more items and options for these kids.


              Volunteers in the back separate and “price” the items into bins so they can be pulled for the store when needed.


              A great many volunteers are needed for this effort each year.  It’s difficult when we are all in such a hurry and time is always something we need more of.  But it’s truly a blessing to stop in our tracks and think about someone else for a change.



              The food pantry is another CCA store that is open year round and is always in need of donations.  Our group, the CCA Charity League, has seen a desperate need here that we are trying to fill.  We’ve adopted a shelf that we are trying to keep stocked as much and as often as possible.   This shelf houses the diapers, paper goods such as paper towels, napkins and toilet paper, health and beauty items such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes and the feminine hygiene products.  It’s very, very difficult to keep this shelf stocked as these items go very, very quickly.  Some days we are able to meet the need better than others.  The food, while so often lacking, is donated much more readily than these items.  Therefore they are a much sought after commodity.  Imagine not being able to afford these items and not being able to get them here either.  The minute they are placed on the shelf they are snatched up by eager parents.

              Unfortunately, due to the constant need, each family is only allowed two rolls of toilet paper each week whether they have two kids or eight.  Now, imagine that for a minute…..could your family get by with that?



              You can see that some of these shelves are severely lacking in goods.  On the flip side of those who reach out more to help, one downfall in these difficult times is that it also causes people tighten their own belts out of fear and anxiety.  It’s not that they don’t care, they just don’t feel they can donate food and money, because of their own personal struggles.  So oftentimes the food pantry is greatly lacking in donations in times like this.  And CCA is definitely feeling it this year.


              Just like at the toy store families must be registered and pre-approved to shop here.  They are each given a particular day and time to shop and a certain number of “dollars” depending on the size of their family. 


              Volunteers are constantly needed to help stock the shelves so that food is ready to be moved to the store. 


              I took this picture a couple of days ago.  As you can see, sadly, there is nothing on this shelf.


              Or this shelf.


              Or this shelf.


              Can you see how great our need is?  Can you put yourself in these sweet family’s situations for just a minute and feel the desperation they must feel?  If you can, and if you have been blessed enough to helpyour donations would be so greatly appreciated. 

              “To him whom much has been given, much is required”. 

              If you’d like to make a monetary donation you may call #972-219-4315. 

              For pantry donations you may drop off at: 200 S. Mill Street; Lewisville, Texas  75057  (# 972-219-4344)


              The Colony Donation Center; 5000 Main Street, Suite #270; The Colony, Texas  75056


              Or simply check with your own local charity organization and make your charitable donations there. Time and moneyalways much needed in every town. 

              Have a very Merry Christmas!  And help make someone else’s Christmas this year a very Merry Christmas, as well!


              Cool And Classy Candles: Bedecked In Jewels For The “Oh So Savvy”


              First of all let me say sooooo sorry for the delay in getting a new post on my blog.  Such hectic, hectic days around here lately……you know the kind….. the ones where you can’t breathe or sit still for two seconds. (I’m sure you are experiencing the same whirlwind in your life right now, too!)  But, I do apologize!

              Anyway, just a little detour today from the Christmas posts you’ve seen for the last month or so.  Although, I will say these incredible candles would make someone very, very happy to receive as a Christmas gift. 

              It’s all in the bling.  The “Jewelry” for the candles is what makes the candle in most cases.  Check out some of this ornamentation below that would go a long way in dressing up your candles.



              Pretty snazzy, huh?  Completely changes the look like nothing else.







              Has such a “rich” quality to them.  Like putting on that amazing belt or necklace that transforms your ordinary outfit to something extraordinary.



              This candles above are embossed candles. Beautiful!



              Some more embossed and painted candles to suit your style.  Fun!




              Oh, how we love a touch of glam!







              Stately and elegant!



              Mmmmmm…….such fabulosity in a candle!   So don’t be boring, break outside the box and consider adding this bling and jewelry to your home.

              Or, there’s still a few days left before Christmas…..treat someone to an “oh so savvy” Christmas candle this year.


              Happy Decorating and Merry Christmas!!!!

              July At Christmas: A Wintertime Beach Party Full Of Great Party Ideas!


               One thing is for certain in my life……I have some very creative, very uninhibited, very fun friends!  Never a dull moment with this group.   One of these friends has a Christmas party with a different “theme” every year at her house. (Last year I had to have it at mine because she couldn’t, but other than that it’s always been her “thing”.)  She’s done it for…..I don’t even know……seven or eight years or so.  The same core group has gone every year and she changes it up some from year to year varying the number of people and who the special guests may be.  But, this year with her “July At Christmas” theme (Get it?  Instead of Christmas in July?  Cute, huh!) she stuck with her core buddies – “her posse” – I guess you could say.  Her theme and all her “goodies” warranted eight — so eight it was.

              The rules were simple: 

                                                 1)  Dress like you would for the beach in July

                                                 2) Be ready to party

                                                3)  Be ready to eat

              When we arrived we were greeted by her beach signs and lawn chairs.  (And complimentary Santa hats for everyone.)


               Next we each were given a choice of sunglasses from this sand pail:


              The martini’s were ready with their individual flip flops in different colors so we could keep track of who’s was who’s.


              Of course, Santa and Christmas decor was incorporated in the scheme of things, because it was after all a “July At Christmas” party. 


              Sunglasses, lei’s, flip flop necklaces and martini’s in hand…the party began!


              Happy party go-ers!



              Barb, our fabulous hostess with the mostest.


              She even added flowers to her doorway.  Too fun.


              Her appetizer table was decorated with “fish netting”, starfish candleholders, and sea shells.  And, of course, her Santa’s.



              Oh, and a lighthouse candleholder.



                  She made these yummy appetizers on shells that you can bake in the oven. Love that!






              These fruit sticks were not only refreshing and tasty, but they were beautiful.



              On the table our “name cards” were these silver flip flops she got at the dollar store!  How fun and creative is that?!


              Inside this decorative wire gift box, which acted as the centerpiece for the dining table, are all the guys Christmas gifts (or party favors).  They each got sand pails filled with lots of fun little goodies: a CD, bubbles, a beer bottle opener, etc.




               For the girls she hung stockings on the backs of our chairs.  The stockings were filled with all sorts of wonderful things: a beachy dishtowel, recipe cards, notepads, more bubbles, etc…..Sooooo fun!


                Good times at the dinner table.  My hubby looks quite content in the middle of Barb and Connie.  He sits there every year.


               Doug and Dave, Barb’s hubby – the host with the most!  Notice the Santa hats are on now.


              Barb even found this huge wall size poster of the beach and put it up in the dining room so we could feel like we were somewhere tropical.  I mean….did I say creative?


              Here’s the gang after dinner.  Santa hats and beachwear!  Can you tell we’re having a little fun?!


              Okay, now how darling is this?  Barb made a sand castle pound cake with a cake form she has and used brown sugar for the sand.  She made the little flag and just added some beachy things and candy Christmas trees.  Have you ever seen anything more creative?!


              After dinner, and before dessert, we all hopped in the hot tub.  Yes, we all brought our bathing suits – just in case you were wondering!

              IMG_0863 After the hot tub the girls borrowed pajamas from Barb and we sat down for dessert and games.  Too fun!!!!!  And look at all these beautiful desserts! 


              Barb outdid herself once again.  But, of course, she does every year. 

              I’m grateful and blessed to have such fun, talented, creative friends who love, love, love to have a good time.

              I hope this fun party has given you some great ideas for a party of your own!

              Happy Holidays, Happy Partying……and, of course, Happy Decorating!

              Fabulous Art Finds That Will Bedazzle Your Home And “Wow” Your Guests!


              I wanted to share with you some fabulous art work at a local “to the trade” showroom called La Montage here in North Texas.   This studio is comprised of art from several different artists – each piece unique and reflective of the individual artist’s style.  They offer pieces off the floor or they can have pieces custom made.  Notice all the design details in each piece – the great use of color, movement, rhythm and all sorts of fun architectural touches to create the character and personality unique to each and every piece.  This is a great way to bring your own personality, style and character to your home or business.


              Wouldn’t this make a fabulous Christmas gift for yourself or someone you love?  I mean… cool are these?!


              How fun!  Notice all the different details used to create this art?  Love it!



              Interesting, beautiful way to display your favorite pictures! 



              Great for displaying on an easel or grouping together for a larger scale look. 


              Painted canvas tapestries.  So cool!  A new twist on a traditional tapestry.

               IMG_0538 Wonderful mix of architectural pieces create this beautiful wall hanging.  (Talk about a conversation piece)



              Did I mention they were unique?  I wasn’t exaggerating, was I?





              They even have unique children’s art!  Too cute!









              In addition to these beautiful pieces they offer much, much more, including traditional oil paintings matched with hand selected frames of your choice.

              So treat yourself to a special Christmas gift of art this holiday season!

              If any of these pieces interest you please email me at: 

     for a quote.

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              Happy Holidays and Happy Decorating!


              Christmastime At My House


              Here is the rest of the Christmas tour through my house.  (It would have been way too long for one post.)

              Like I said in my previous post I have lots of Christmas “stuff”.  I did scale way back this year, though, which made my husband a happy man.  A few less trips into the attic!

               Family Room





              My cute, new Santa.  I added him last year.  A little thin for a Santa, but cute, none-the-less!





              This year I added the lime green stems you see sticking out of my tree.


              And, I added this charming little Santa book box.


              I like to bring little touches of Christmas to my existing decor such as this stocking and garland.


              And, this little pillow, greenery and garland above my armoire.


               Like I said in my previous post I love to sprinkle Christmas trees all over the house for an inexpensive, cozy little touch.


              For my breakfast nook table arrangement I displayed different size trees at various heights.  (Like a little Christmas tree forest.)  I incorporated my mosaic candlesticks in the mix so I can create a nice little glow here in the evening.


              I used boxes under the throw to lift some of the trees to different levels to create interest.


              Another tree tucked into my existing decor.



              My Dining Room


              I like to have two Christmas trees in my dining room.  It gives the dining room a cozy holiday elegance.  Here I stick to gold, silver and cream for a more formal look. 


              For my dining table arrangement I used two strands of greenery (that would normally hang on a door.) I weaved the two in and out of my mosaic reindeer and candlesticks, one on each side for a full look.


              I tucked “faux gifts”, more reindeer and some gold Christmas bird cages under the trees for an extra touch.




              Of course, I added garland to my chandelier and tucked in large scale mosaic ornaments for added bling.

              My Den 


              In my den, where we do most of our TV watching, I like to have Christmas touches, too, even though it’s a small space.  Here I use a skinnier Christmas pine tree in the corner and my homemade stockings on this fireplace.  Instead of garland on the mantle I just stick Christmas picks all across the top.   Then I sprinkle little touches of Christmas throughout the space.








               Out Back On My Screened In Porch


              I added a little greenery to the table and in the lanterns around the candle votives.


              I have a collection of birdhouses out here so at Christmastime I bring out my Christmas birdhouses to add to the mix.






              I bring out this wooden Christmas tree that has birdhouses all over it to go with the birdhouse “theme”.   

              Once upon a time I had a full size Christmas tree on the screened in porch, but this little wooden tree takes a lot less time to set up than another tree!   I’ve also always had a tree in my master bedroom, garland on my canopy bed and fireplace mantel in my master and in my guest room.  I used to always have garland draped on my fence in the back yard, a wreath on the gate out back, etc…. , but as I get older – and I hate, hate, hate to admit this – I do tend to scale back here and there and let go of things that I once loved doing.  At one time I had seven Christmas trees and this year I only have four and a half!  So see, I have scaled way back.   (Now I reserve all that extra holiday decorating for those years that I have lots of Christmas functions here. )  But, I still always enjoy cozying up the house with Christmas charm and filling it with the warm and wonderful Christmas spirit.

              So there you have it.  My house at Christmastime

              Happy Decorating and Merry Christmas!!!

              It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


              There are many great advantages to living with a designer.  We can whip together a space fairly quickly with a certain amount of finesse – and many times on a bargain.   We continually see lots of new and great ideas and have access to a great many resources that allow us to have tons of fun designing our own homes.

              And, there are some disadvantages to living with a designer.  We are always wanting to whip together a new look for a different space, and we always see lots of new and great ideas and, well, we always have access to a great many resources that allow us to have tons of fun designing our own homes.  (So it generally never ends with us!) It’s the classic case of the good with the bad.

              Kind of like most people’s personalities I guess you could say…….our strengths are also our weaknesses!

              And, Christmastime for many of us, like me, is no exception.  I love my house all decorated up for Christmas!  And, I love changing or adding some little something every year.

              My husband, like many of your husbands, tends to dread the weekend after Thanksgiving when I have him drag all my Christmas stuff down out of the attic for me to play with.  He’s always happy with everything when the job is done…..just dreads doing it. Ring a bell with anyone?


              The next time your husband complains you might have him hang a gander at these pictures.  He might forever after count his lucky stars.  Because I don’t have just a little bit of  “stuff”…..I have a lot of “stuff”.  And, it’s all up that fun little ladder in the attic. (Someday I’ll have a walk in attic!)


              This isn’t all of it either.  It’s just where I stopped to take a picture.  See his little legs on the ladder?  Well, he’s making yet another trip up the ladder and through that dark little hole for more of my "stuff”.  And, there were quite a few more trips after that.  Thanks, hubby…’re the best!  Really……you are!

              My Front Porch:


              Before he’s even finished dragging it all down I start “my thing”. 

              The first thing I want guests to see is a cozy, inviting entrance that say’s Christmas Is Here!  Lots of greenery, pine cones, and red.


              A welcoming basket.


              Candy canes, poinsettia’s and a sleigh.


              I tucked poinsettia leaves in my lanterns this year.


              Of course, once inside it continues. 

              My Entry Way:


              (It’s not that I want it to look like Santa threw up in my house or anything…….it’s just that, well, I like Christmastime!  That’s all.)


              My fall pumpkins and mums gave way to cream poinsettias and gold gift baskets. 

              IMG_0681Of course, garland, ribbon and Christmas decor adorn the stair railing. 


              My fall arrangement on my entry table was replaced by a Christmas tree. 


              The corn husks I tucked here for Thanksgiving are now a Country Christmas platter and my Victorian Christmas caroler.


              He was my new addition a couple of years ago!  Love him!

              IMG_0785 I always switch out my regular florals in my entry for these Christmas tree’s. 

              My Piano Room (aka “Girlie Sitting Room”):


              I like to add greenery to my chandeliers for a cozy touch.


              And, I like to tuck little Christmas trees all over the house.  (An inexpensive way to add a touch of Christmas here and there.)


              This was one of my new additions last year.  He’s my little Christmas monkey!  What’s a Christmas monkey you might ask?  I have no idea…..that’s just what he’s called.  I like him so much I keep him here year round now!

              Well, this is the start of my “Christmas home tour”.  I’ll have to show you more of my house on another post.   Too much “stuff” for one post. 

              I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have decorating your own home for Christmas!  I know it can be a lot of work, but after the coziness of fall decorations there’s nothing like the feeling of Christmas, is there?!   So festive and fun.  And, like I said on a previous post…..there is just something about Christmas decorations that makes everyone feel so warm and snuggly.   I know I do!

              Happy Decorating!


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