Wedding Time Bliss: Girly, Blingy – Oh So Savvy – Shower Idea’s!


Weddings and wedding showers are always a fun excuse for family and friends to get together, but they are especially fun for friends who haven’t seen each other in years.   And when it’s your oldest and dearest friend’s kids (that you’ve known since they were born) that grow up and get engaged…….oooohhhh the emotions it brings out.

72573_1393636770729_1526460186_30866024_5389062_n These are my oldest and dearest friends from high school.  We were best buddies back then, together all the time.  We were all in each other’s weddings, we all started our families at the same time and had years and years of fun when our kids were growing up.  We celebrated birthdays together, Christmases together, annual summer trips to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor, multiple play dates at Chuck-e-Cheese, each other’s houses and other fun places.  Wonderful, fun memories.  Jan, on the left, is the one who’s daughter, Amelia, is getting married and, Judy, on the right, is her sister. (Some of you may recognize Judy from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  She’s the choreographer many of you have seen on the DCC TV show.)

IMG_0313 Here we all are when I first got there: Judy, Jan, Amelia and Judy’s daughter, Cassie, all hugging and crying.  I’m snuggled in the middle – so happy to see everyone.  With Jan living out of town I literally had not seen her or Amelia in years.  Judy and I manage to catch up about once, or maybe if we’re lucky, twice a year (which isn’t enough), but it had been a couple of years since I’d seen Cassie, too.  So we had a sweet little hug and tear fest at our reunion.  So special!

PA170418Here is my other sweet, good friend, their beautiful mama, Juanita, and Jan’s beautiful daughter, Amelia. 

Now that you have the introductions – on to decorating!

They had all sorts of fun tables with their own little themes.  All glammed up and blinged out.  So girly and oh so savvy!


 For starters they had this little table with the hostess gifts.  Love the black and white boxes, the feathers – and these are a pair of the bridesmaid’s shoes!  How fun is that?! 

PA170411 Has a swanky, sexy vibe to it you don’t you think?


 This table is the “Tuxedo Table”.  This is where they served the chocolate martini’s.  So yummy!  And isn’t this table just so glamorous and chic?


016 Love this picture!  What’s sweeter than young love?

007 This is the “Something Blue” table.  Blingy, girly, sweet. Just beautiful!

021 Pretty wine cocktail for this “Something Blue” table.

 PA170427 Precious!

PA170426Notice the garter?


009This is the “Blushing Bride” table.

 022Another adorable photo center stage on this wonderful table display.  The hot pink with the black and white, the crystal glasses and accents.  Mmmm…mmmm….mmmm….just absolutely gorgeous!  And fun, fun, fun!  

 PA170423 Isn’t this the cutest picture of the happy couple?

PA170422 And, aside from the blushing bride….it’s all about the shoe!


On this lovely table was the champagne cocktail

Three pretty little drinks in three different colors –  something for everyone.  Great idea!


Believe it or not Amelia’s grandmother, Juanita, made this amazing cake!  Can you believe that?  You’d think she does it professionally.  (She doesn’t in case you’re wondering.)  Incredible.  Beautiful. I’m amazed!

 PA170408Not only did she make the larger one, she made this adorable little chocolate cake, too.  Now that’s a special grandmother!   















Judy got a wire figurine and covered it in this tulle and ribbon to make it look like a miniature wedding dress. It dressed up the table in such a cute, unique way.  Very creative! Love it!  Good job, Judykins.

014 Sweet serving table.



Even the mantel was decorated to the hilt. 


Another shoe….Amelia’s bridal shoe for the wedding. Love this idea!

008A shot of Judy’s living room filled with all the bridal fun. 



Had to slip this in: Jan’s gift to Amelia for her bedroom.  She painted this chair black and recovered it in this cool, fun fabric.  I think it turned out great!


The beautiful wedding party.

And what adds even more excitement:


Judy’s daughter, Cassie, just got engaged!  (Yes, she followed in her mom’s footsteps to the DCC.)  Which means more showers, more weddings, (more fun decorating to share with you all), and more reunions!   So exciting!


The two happy cousins – blushing  Brides to Be.   

There’s just nothing more exciting than young love.  Is there?

Except maybe decorating!

(Kidding, of course!)

For all you young brides and mothers of the brides – have fun and good luck with all your exciting plans and, yes, I have to say it……..Happy Decorating!


Before and After: Decorating A Banquet On A Budget – From Stark White to Sparkle and Wow!


When I was asked last year to be in charge of the alumni banquet for our local drill team I was happy to help.  Parties, showers, weddings…..that’s all right up my alley so how hard could a banquet be?  It’s my “thing” I guess you could say.  But when I saw the room I was to “wow” up – for a hundred people, including the high school principal and some school board members, to celebrate the ever important 10 year anniversary of our high school drill team – I was…..well….a bit overwhelmed shall we say.  Below is the basic bones of what I had to start with.  It had a very distinct “hospital” quality to it.  Not exactly conducive for the glitzy event we were shooting for.  My first thought was – Oh, dear what have I gotten myself into!  And then I was told I had a whopping $500.00 budget to work with!   Gulp!  Was it even possible?  But the room was donated for free and free was a good thing on such a limited budget.  What to do with it was another story: My job to figure out!


  What do you think?  Can you say……challenge?


After my initial panic I did a little research on material costs, an inventory of what I could round up to use at no cost, and said a few nervous prayers, then I sat down and sketched out what I wanted to do.  This was important to help get me focused and have an actual plan to work from.


First I figured out the basic lay out of the space so I knew how to accommodate the guests and allow enough room for the “models” and the model walk.


Next I determined that I absolutely had to snazz up the unbearably boring, stark white entrance into the banquet room.  It needed to be fun and not so serious looking – as if the guests were visiting a patient at a hospital! 

003 Dressing up the tables with beautiful cloths and centerpieces was extremely important.

004 It was hugely important to me that those looming white walls be dressed up with color to personalize the space.

005 Another wall to cover and dress up. 

Once I determined what needed to be done I set out to purchase the materials I needed – cheap! – and put it all together.


I went to Home Depot and bought their scrap wood (that sells for pennies), some cheap MDF squares, and some fence post that I had Home Depot cut to size.  I managed to get several cuts from each post.



I nailed the squares to the top and bottom of some of the posts to create little pedestal tables.  On the others I left the top of post uncovered, but mounted them to a narrow base to use for my “model walk” runway drape.  Then I painted them black.  (When time got down to the wire my sweet mom and dad came over to help nail and paint!)


Fortunately is was in the fall so all the Christmas decorations were out and I was able to experiment with different ornaments for bling.  That really helped my budget. 


I needed something to create the entrance into the banquet room (of course, something cheap, cheap, cheap!) so I used fence post again and mounted some extra planter hangers I had here to the top to hang my bling from and help support the iron embellishment I had for the top.  (The iron embellishment is a piece I will eventually be putting in my daughter’s bathroom room when I finish re-doing it.) 

After much blood, sweat, tears (and prayers!) it was time to put it all together.  I could only hope and pray it would come together the way I envisioned it.  Several of the drill team moms came out to help me set it all up.


And this is what it ended up looking like.  Hard to tell from the picture, but it made this boring hospital-like hallway sparkle and gave the dull doorway some serious pizzazz.  It gave the guests a fun, glamorous, Hollywood entrance into the banquet room.


This wall was set up with three “memory” tables.  All this fabric was bought with an online 40% off coupon to Hobby Lobby.  This was crucial to my $500.o0 budget!  These beautiful centerpieces were made by one of the drill team moms for a previous function and I was able to recycle them by putting them in some new containers (my own that I lent for “the cause”).




The back wall was dressed up with more fabric to cover up the white walls and bulletin strip that ran the length of these drapes; my homemade pedestals and more of the beautiful recycled blingy arrangements. added some snazz for the eye – really gave the space glam and fabulosity!


We covered the screaming white columns with more fabric to help camouflage (remember them from the before pictures?); used my own vases and mirrors for the table centerpieces, and borrowed the teal stems I’d used at a friend’s wedding for more bling (saving us money!).  The small silver bouquets are balloon holders I got at the dollar store for – you guessed it – a dollar apiece.  I cut teal feather boas (purchased at Hobby Lobby on sale 50% off) to circle the votives on each side of the table.   Underneath each votive is glitzy, reflective craft paper cut into 6×6 squares. 


 I didn’t have enough fabric in the budget to cover the far wall so we just covered the ugly bulletin strip with a black satin valance.

P9260400 This is my “model runway” where the current drill team members modeled all the old drill team uniforms and dance costumes from the last ten years of drill team fun.  I made the boxes that support the “bling trees” and painted them silver. (Again,  I wasn’t the talented one who actually made these gorgeous arrangements.  I just recycled them from an earlier function.)  My inexpensive homemade runway drape made with discounted wood and black feather boas worked beautifully.  Each post had a blingy crystal Christmas ornament hanging from it on the outside.  I failed to get a picture of them, but they looked great.

model walkAnd here are some of the beautiful “models” modeling some of the dance costumes that have been worn over the years.  (That’s my beautiful daughter in the middle!) Notice the “photo booth” behind them?  Another talented drill team mom made that for the girls to have their pictures made in at the end of the year party the previous year so we recycled it again for the alumni banquet.  Too cool!  I just draped the exterior with our teal and black color scheme.


It was an enormous undertaking and an enormous challenge, but in the end I must say it turned out to be quite a beautiful banquet room after all.  It served the purpose well and all the guests seemed genuinely pleased. 

I’ve found that sometimes the biggest challenges push you to be more creative than you otherwise would.  The pictures don’t really do it justice, but I think you can tell it was quite a transition from “before” to “after”.  Especially on a $500.00 budget!

This project definitely pushed me to the limits of my creativity, but it sure was fun pulling it off!  In the end my initial gulp turned to a satisfying sigh of relief.

The Cozy Charm Of The English Cotswold’s


I don’t believe there could be any place on earth cozier than the Cotswold’s in England.  I know, I know….there’s lots of wonderful places, maybe some that are just as full of their own charm…..but nothing more charming.  That’s all I’m saying.  Look at some of these enchanting pictures and tell me it doesn’t look like something right out of a fairy tale.



 Can you imagine living in this charm?  Walking down the street daily to work or home or to the local “pub”?   



 Beautiful, almost “too perfect” foliage and flowers. This reminds me a little of Carmel’s beauty.  The flowers there are almost cartoonish in their beauty.  Too pretty and perfect to be real.






 Do these houses even look real?  They remind me of something right out of Lord of the Rings.  And those flowers, that greenery…..Aaaahhhh! Yes….an absolute fairy tale.


This is just a sampling of one of the Bed and  Breakfasts there.



 Quaint charming row housing.



Talk about fall foliage! 



Oh, my goodness, the epitome of English charm! Yes, I could live here. 



 Map of the Cotswold’s.




 The cutest little thatched roof cottage!


 Another street filled with charm.


 A more “contemporary-esque” bed and breakfast. 


Another amazing view of the countryside.

Was I kidding? Yes, there are a great many breathtakingly beautiful, charming places in this world – all with their very distinct personalities – but, nothing can top this cozy, charming, inviting atmosphere.  Of course, not all of us can realistically entertain the thought of actually living there so if you want to bring the charm of the Cotswold’s home to your own place do it on a smaller scale.  Create an English garden out back – or even out front – bring in stone and florals and mixed fabric patterns and textures.  Combine the old with the new so it looks like your things have been passed down for generations for that “lived in”, “has a history” kind of feel.  Grow ivy up onto the house till it’s covered in the lush greenery. 

Since we all can’t live there bring a touch of the cozy English Cotswold’s to your home! 

French, Italian, And Swedish Furnishings: Does It Get Any Better Than That?


If you like a mix of European pieces to give your home interest – and that cozy, inviting feel of European decor – take a look at these pieces by Leslie Taylor.  She has a diverse selection of French, Italian and Swedish furniture that will get your heart to pitter-pattering in a hurry.  If you’re like me you will want it all!


 This Traditional Swedish piece has a feminine vibe with it’s creams, taupe’s and hint of blue on a white wash frame.  Doesn’t it look squishy comfy?  Gorgeous!!!!

130_DSC_0014If you lean towards the opulent how about this amazing Traditional French bed in your master retreat  that’s my fancy word for bedroom!  Would you feel like a queen sleeping in something like this?  I know I would!



 Notice all the detail work in these great looking high back Tara Shaw arm chairs.  Mmmmm….love ‘em.


For a more contemporary feel how about this linen Antwerp arm chair?  Isn’t this style interesting and fun?!



 This slat back Swedish bench is a wonderful, versatile piece.  This would add interest and charm to almost any space.


 I love this antique queen canopy bed.  Another piece to make you feel like a queen! I like the white coverlet, antique pillows and intricate throw as well.  How divine!


 She calls this her “hairy mirror”.  How funny and fun is that?  Great conversation piece and great look!


These large vintage Trumeau mirrors are amazing.  Wouldn’t you love to have a pair of these????

There is nothing more elegant and glam than a Traditional European space.  There is just something so regal and elegant, yet cozy, charming and warm about this style.  It lends character and depth – a feeling of history, comfort and interest – to a space like no other.    Is this a style you could see in your own home?  For me the answer is…..yes!

Happy Decorating!

Hill Country Furnishings With Southwestern Flair: Could This Be Your Style?


Do you like leather furniture with a flair?  Do you like the look of  different types of  hides on sofas and chairs?  With curves and lots of detail work?  A room with rustic furniture, maybe some Southwestern accents, the look of logs, or natural wood?  Then perhaps you lean toward Hill Country Style.  Hill Country decor offers a unique warmth and personality to a space. You won’t get quite this same “vibe” from any other style category.  These pictures below from Anteks detail the look with flair. 

Living Room Notice the curves on the sofa back and arms of this interesting piece; also the scalloped edge above the legs. They’ve combined a couple of leather textures here, added detail in the wood edging and detailed the arms with nail heads.  This piece is paired this with the upholstered club chair on the right and the interesting chair peaking in on the left.  Great look!  (You don’t have to carry it this far with the Indian accents if that’s a bit much for you.)  You can tone this down a bit and still have that swanky, ever-cool Hill Country vibe.

Log Bunk Bed For those of you who love that rustic look these unique bunk beds made from logs might be perfect for you. 


Bedroom I like the painted wood floor with this rustic bedroom.

Master Bedroom Rustic meets elegant with this beautiful bedding.


Log Cabin Bedroom Not so sure about animal heads in my bedroom can you say ca-reepy?!), but some people might like this sort of thing.  (Whatever floats your boat!) I like the rest of the room, though! 


Cozy dining area.  Great chairs, don’t you think?


Hill Country Dining

Elegant dining with a cozy, interesting flair.  How about that chandelier?  Notice the front of these chairs are different from the backs?

Dining Room

Again, rustic meets elegant for “fine” dining.  Check out the interesting lighting…..and the brick walls.  Details, details…..they make the difference.


Cow Hide Chair

Love this cowhide chair and tree branch lamp.    

Living Area With Oversize Ottoman

Wonderful seating:  Camel back sofa with the combination of leathers and curved arms.  Great chair with its own unique personality.  And how about that incredible ottoman!  Gotta love it!  Hill Country at it’s finest!

More great chairs with the Hill Country flair:

Southwestern Highback


Club Chair


Cow Hide And Leather Chair


Leather Chair

As I’ve said before I LOVE the Hill Country look.  Love it!  If this is your style pay close attention to all the details above when planning your space.  Remember – the details make the difference.  You can play up the Southwestern flavor or tone it down a bit and still have that classic, unique Hill Country space. 

Happy Decorating, Y’all!

Divine Dining Meets Divine Designing


 When getting ready to design your dining space think outside the box.  Bring in different elements that create visual interest and maybe catch your guests eye by surprise.  Think about going for the eclectic – combining different textures and styles in a unique way. 


 This dining room has combined transitional chairs with traditional wing backs and a cherry table.  But, take a look at the unusual iron light fixture and the walls.  All these details are what make this space eclectic and interesting.


 The rattan chairs, woven wood blinds and wide plank wood floors give this dining room a warm, casual feel.   Check out the light fixture and ceiling.  And that fabulous view doesn’t hurt either!  Too bad we can’t all add that to our dining rooms!


 Green is supreme!  This eclectic space screams fun and fine dining at the same time.  Notice the rustic table paired with the tailored clean lines of the chairs?  Too cool.


 Again, modern green chairs with a somewhat rustic/modern table on a stone floor.  The glass containers with greenery sprinkled on the table top is interesting and unusual as is the funky light fixture.


 The brightly colored rug in this dining area with its retro table and traditional accents paired with an interesting mix of textures and styles can’t help but put a smile on your face in this eclectic space.

SA0305170d_1_x-diing roomThis dreamy dining room with it’s soft blue walls and drapes is elegant and inviting.  The dark wood on the table and the white wash finish on the chairs work together to create an eclectic, interesting space.  Notice the iron and glass table with the lamp and pictures above it.  Interesting details that lend to the dining room’s eclectic personality.                                      

                                                                                                          Images by Coastal Living

So when getting ready to design your own dining room keep these details in mind if you’re looking for an eclectic space.  Think texture, think combining styles (it’s tricky so be careful or contact a professional – me for example!), think color, and think outside the box!

Happy Decorating!!!!

Outdoor Living: Create Your Own Cozy Retreat


By now everyone knows what a craze outdoor living has become.  (Why it hasn’t always been the case is beyond me.)  Being outside always brings that natural element to the ambiance that just can’t be duplicated.  Whenever the weather allows that’s exactly where my family is – either out on the screened in deck or hanging in one of the living areas we have sprinkled around our backyard. If you are looking for some great backyard ideas for your own yard take a look at some of these pictures from Southern Accents:


 Would you like to add an outdoor kitchen?  Check out this spread.  Anything you could do indoors could be done in this outdoor kitchen.  And, who wouldn’t rather be outdoors?  Take note of the details:  the stone, the slate, the teak wood, that incredible vent-a-hood…..


Or would an outdoor living area where you can just lounge around and visit with family and friends better suit your needs?  This great space is as visually appealing and comfortable as any indoor living area.   Again, notice all the details here – the screen, the lamps, the chandelier, etc….Would you have thought to incorporate all those cozy details outside?


 This outdoor living area has the added benefit of a wonderful stone fireplace.  Outdoor elements like the large stone pieces create the cocktail table and colorful plantings surround the seating.  The seating has the “indoor touch” of colorful throw pillows. 


 This interesting walkway takes you to a wonderful outdoor dining area and fireplace. 


 Well, the view speaks for itself, but notice the mix of textures and inviting seating, lamp and potted plants.  All of these elements create an inviting living space.


 It doesn’t get much better than this gorgeous outdoor space.  The stone wall, the rattan seating and dining area, the stripe rug.  Mmmmm….yes, I could see myself here sipping on a glass of wine.  Couldn’t you?


 This is an interesting contemporary take on outdoor living.  Clean lines, retro table (it reminds me of The Jetson’s – remember them?)….all the comforts of an indoor space brought to the outdoors to enjoy.



More of a country setting with the bench table, rattan chairs, antique brick floor and stone fireplace filled with candles. 



This is a great setting with this poolside seating, bistro table, fireplace and pergola.


1726579-private-porch-xl How about a great, unusual fountain like this one against the brick wall, angular stone work floor and dark contemporary style rattan?  Great for conversation or reading the paper.



This enclosed patio brings the outdoors in, but not the exposure to the elements.  This bright, yellow stripe brings more outdoor color to the space creating a happy, warm atmosphere.

Consider what you’d like to see in your own backyard and what your budget will allow.  Is it a living area, a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen…..or maybe all of it?!  Now that fall is here you might be thinking fireplace, but spring as always, is just around the corner so be thinking about that, too.  It’s not too early to start planning.  Map out your area and treat it like you would the indoors. 

1) Consider what type of living area you’d most like to see and what it needs to include – comfy seating, fireplace, kitchen?       2)   Determine your budget     3) Define your style – contemporary, traditional?  4)  Decide on a color scheme    5) Plan how much seating and space you need for entertaining.              6) Depending on what you decide to do and how much you can do yourself you will probably need to contact a qualified professional to help you.  (If you’re in my area I’m happy to help!)

 It’s time to get motivated and create that cozy outdoor retreat of your own!

Happy Decorating!


Tuscan Style: A Kitchen Brimming With Cozy And Chic


 Could you have a love of all things Tuscan buried deep inside you, but never new how to define it?  Tuscan style is rich and warm with color and texture.  Think fall colors – shades of rust, reds, yellows, greens, plums – all mixed together and working with each other to create a warm, harmonious, inviting ambiance.  Dark heavy baskets,  iron work,  distressed wood, lots of fruit, wine, roosters…..all of these things create that magical Tuscan warmth that makes a kitchen so cozy and inviting.  Accents of Salado has a wonderful selection of Tuscan accents to create just this look. 


 Baskets and fruit always make for a cozy Tuscan kitchen.




 Fall colors are used throughout the space to create the Tuscan theme.


Combining textures is common. 




 Lots of distressed wood and iron embellishments fill the Tuscan kitchen.


Detail work and wonderful curves in the woodwork is common in traditional Tuscan decorating.

onlinetipsorg1This oil painting says it all – wine, fruit, iron, texture and lots of fall color. 


rialto_IronCandleHolder Iron candle holders always add Tuscan flavor to a space.


 Pot racks and roosters – very common in the Tuscan kitchen. 




Love this colorful, interesting, fun vent-a-hood and backsplash.   Rich in fall colors and texture.  You don’t have to be overly serious about everything.  Bring in some whimsy and fun!

                                                                                       Images by Accents of Salado

  The Tuscan kitchen with its warm, welcoming ambiance is the heartbeat of the home….like the warm and cozy comfort of  a fireplace in the winter.  So break out that bottle of wine, peruse some Tuscan decorating magazines and books (and my blog, of course) and think about creating this same inviting look in your own kitchen.


Happy Decorating!


Life At Home: Family Time To See Cats With Our Own Little Kitty


 Okay, so I’m human…..I’m a wife, mom, sister, aunt, a daughter and life can’t always be about decorating and interior design.  So when my talented, sweet, precious niece, Paige, tried out for the musical, Cats, in her home town of Wichita Falls and landed one of the lead roles, Bombalurina, we knew it would be a family road trip to see her and cheer her on.  Last Sunday we did just that.


 The marquis… very Broadway-esque!  Impressive!


 My gorgeous, talented niece, Paige, in costume.  Isn’t she the cutest little cat? I wish you could all see her perform (some day when she’s famous you will).  She sparkled with stage presence.  And I’m not saying that because I’m her aunt, I’m not!  Everyone was commenting that she stood out and glowed.  Seriously!



 Bombalurina with her proud grandparents.


 My son and daughter-in-law were there to cheer her on.


 Her proud Uncle Doug and dad, Kelly.


 My daughter, Alyssa, and my niece Raychel were her biggest fans.


 Even my little granddaughter, Kaisley, stayed up from her nap just to show her support!

PA030172 Paige’s proud mom, sisters and pooped out nephews were there to happily cheer her on.  The boys found all the cats mesmerizing.  It was precious watching their little faces while they watched the cats dance and sing.


The future “Julia Roberts” signing autographs for her fans.

We’re so proud!

A Star Is Born!!!!


Dreamy Baby Nurseries: For All You Moms And Grandma’s To Be


Hold onto your hats all you Mommies, Mimi’s and Nana’s.  If you are looking for that cozy, dreamy, amazing little wonderland for your baby or grandbaby to be take a look at some of these fun, over the top nurseries.  They will blow your minds and then fill them with all sorts of incredible ideas.  And there is just nothing more fun and precious to us mommies and grand-mommies than the “perfect for our own baby” baby nursery.   Have a look and take notes!

Blues and Peaches Have you ever seen a dreamier nursery than this precious little baby palace?

Image  by  babynurserydecoratingideas

Creams and GreensDreamy, creamy pale greens, creams and rose.  How sweet is this? 

Image by babynurserydecoratingideas


Safari Style I love the warm browns and animal print, animal print?  Yes, it works!  A sophisticated, unique, but still precious space for that precious little one.

Above Design by Baylor Bone Interiors   Image from design dazzle



Always a sucker for this color combination.  One of my favorites.  And I love how they played up the crown, the chandelier, the mural, the striped wall….all of it.  Any baby would feel loved and warm and cozy here.  Don’t you think?

Above Design by Christine Young  Image from Design Dazzle

Cotton Candy In The Clouds Ethereal, peaceful – like floating in the clouds on cotton candy!

Design by Designs by DJ  Image from Design Dazzle

Fun Pinks and GreensThose fun colors again.  Bright and cheerful here with those adorable window treatments and that fabulous wall! 

Design by Krisitn Demarco Image from Design Dazzle

Honestly, have you ever seen baby nurseries more beautiful than these?!  I’m sure there are many, many more wonderful ones out there, but these top the list!  So if you are in the market for that “over the top nursery” for your own home take a close look at each of these pictures and pay careful attention to detail.  Remember it’s the details that make the difference!

Don’t settle for ordinary for your little bundle of joy… it up extraordinary!  If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and need some designer help feel free to give me a call.  I’d love to help!

Happy Decorating!

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