The Power Of A Flower: Jewelry For Your Home


 Lots of designers on the design shows all over TV love to snub the artificial flower arrangement.  They “pooh-pooh” anything that’s not “fresh”.  I say BAH HUMBUG!  How many of us can walk out to our garden’s year round and pluck off enough beautiful flowers to fill a vase on a regular basis?  How many of us can afford to constantly go to a florist and buy fresh flowers to fill our homes?  Not many!  That’s when a nicely done floral with quality – key word here – QUALITY flowers makes all the difference.  Have them done in a vase or container that suits your style and enjoy them year round.  A one time purchase and they look fresh and beautiful all the time.   Here are some I found by a “to the trade only” source called, “The French Bee”.  They are fresh, fun and bring a little of the outdoors in…..even if it is with a “faux flower” instead of a “fresh flower”


How fun and fresh does this arrangement look……..and I love the harlequin design on the container

Harlequin Vase With Roses 


Shades of pink in a vertical harlequin vase 




Softer tones in this arrangement are just beautiful





 More pinks in a “bouquet” designP7152113


For a small space – tuck this in for color and fun



A fresh, fun wreath with lots of happy colors

Colorful Wreath



Dramatic greens and creams





A large vase of white.  Gorgeous!




Pinks, peaches and creams make this doorway inviting



Soft blue hydrangeas add color and pizzazz




A basket of flowers never fails to cozy up a space




 Dramatic bundle of sunflowers.  How’s that for fresh and happy?


The right kind of “faux” floral arrangement adds just the right degree of warmth and fun and interest to a space.   It’s like adding the right bracelet or necklace to that little black dress.  Funny how one little thing like a piece of jewelry can dramatically change a look.   Just like you would do to complete your outfit…..don’t forget to add the jewelry to your home for that extra little sparkle and finesse!


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