Okay, so I admit it…….I kinda lost my bloggin’ mojo lately so it’s been awhile.  Sorry!  You know how it goes…..life just sometimes takes over and there’s just no time to breathe, much less anything else.  So please forgive me…..I’m trying to get back into the “bloggin” swing of things.


One of the first things I want to blog about after my…..shall we say……”brief hiatus” is some of the cool finds I found at the semi-annual furniture market in High Point, North Carolina.   And, one of those cool finds was the abundance of burlap, beiges and creams in varying combinations and textures.  This combo created a number of warm and welcoming vignettes like this one above. 

Love the tufted bed in this linen look with the burlap canopy behind it. 





Notice the cool doors behind the mis-matched night stands and the matching chandeliers. 








And how about the cool touch of gold……I mean….did you ever think gold would be cool again?  (Interior design is just like clothing…..things will always roll back around and come back in style.  Maybe with a bit of a new twist, but styles are cyclical – just like fashion – and make there way back to “cool” just when you least expect.) 


  I know I say this all the time, but……I need one more room in my house to decorate so I can decorate it like this.  I’m lovin’ the white washed wood everywhere, too.


This is a fun dining space with the scallop edge on the bench paired with the traditional French chairs and this rustic wood and iron table.  Very casual and relaxed…..but, with a hip feel, too.


A little different dining vibe here with a tad more formality.  The tufted chairs flanking the cream chest and the fun lighting softens the space with the sweet dining chairs and white washed table.  The addition of clean, white dishware gives an air of sophistication and class to the dining table.  (You can’t go wrong with white dishware!)


See the shutters behind the night tables?  Great look.  And, the linen look, four poster bed is fabulous with this bed bench.


And, how fun would it be to do a room like this?  All beige, burlap and fabulous!  And, I mean with this cluster of lighting and the distressed back drop with the shutters.  All of it.  There is just something super hip, and yet extremely warm and inviting about this space.  The little touch of gray pillows add a certain “chicness” to the otherwise beige and cream vignette.


All the details keep in line with the beige and burlap theme as well.


A fun idea for a book shelf is to use old books like this as fillers.  All either neutral tones or with the jackets plucked right off them to stay consistent with the neutral “look”.  And, here again you’ll notice the gold on the edge of the book shelves and on the mirror.  Yep, gold….it’s back with a vengeance.   And, it works well with this cool look. 

Burlap, beige and beautiful!

Happy Decorating!



Just because the cleaner, less fussy, “transitional” theme seems to be the talk of the town these days it doesn’t mean the charm of timeless traditional has ceased to exist.  French Country in particular still stands strong as a timeless design choice – refined yet lighthearted, elegant yet inviting. 


There are specific details that constitute French Country design.  One such detail is the combination of soft fabrics such as cotton and linens in varying patterns.  Checks with florals and toile are commonly used in this design.


The use of distressed wood and quaint china are typical elements of French Country décor and adds elegant French charm to a kitchen.


Artfully placed traditional French Country pieces such as this chair and urn with more modern touches bring the old world charm to a new age look and still provides an overall French Country “vibe” to the space.


Roosters are big, big, big in French Country décor seen here paired with the check and toile so commonly used.  And, though, many people are just sort of “over” roosters these days don’t dismiss them altogether.  They’re still very popular in classic French Country and they still add that cozy element to a true French Country space.


A blue and yellow color palette is commonly used in French Country décor as seen here.  And, you’ll notice the mixing of patterns with the plaid, the stripes, the floral, etc.  A happy space – full of vibrant personality and warmth.


Spectacular bathrooms that bring on the glitz is often seen in French Country design and always with that slant towards the feminine.  The sleek lines of the linen cabinet, the traditional lines of the chair and the unexpected touch with the mirrored bathtub all combined for that “French Country” touch of elegance.


These painted wood floors, this cane bed and ornate mirror all create a fresh French Country bedroom setting.

If you don’t want to do the entire space in French Country décor just add a piece or two.  Both of these pieces, one with these classic ornate curves and feminine design as well as the clean lines of this chair, are decidedly and uniquely French. 

Whether you choose to do your entire space in French Country or just add a touch you can’t go wrong with this classic, timeless style. 

Happy Decorating!



I think there’s something universal about what makes a great guest room or B&B cozy, warm and inviting.  It’s just something we all feel innately when we walk through the door.  A sort of enveloping of the spirit and a connection or belonging.  We may not know exactly what it is that draws us, we just know it does. 


When you consider all the details that make up a warm, inviting guest room there are a few things that bare mentioning.  One of them being lush, luxurious bedding of course.  Always clean, fresh, updated fabrics.  Dated or dreary fabrics just don’t have the same appeal, do they? 


And, there’s something about a canopy bed that seems to have universal appeal as well.  Lots of flowing fabric to cocoon the bed and create a feeling of being scooped up and embraced.  Not only is it romantic, it’s just plain comforting.


Layering the bedding is always a welcoming touch as well.  Place a solid coverlet on the bed and fold back a decorative comfort on the lower half with matching shams.  If you don’t want a full canopy feel just draping the fabric at the head of the canopy bed creates a touch of that warm embrace and cocooning, too.  Not to mention it just adds to the creative warmth of the space.


Crisp white linens are always refreshing and inviting set against a backdrop of color like this.  Notice here the cool canopy at the head of the bead.  It just adds that exclamation point to the space that makes a great guest room….well…..great.

Entire room_thumb[1]

An updated twist on an older or antique piece creates a hip sort of warmth by marrying the old with the new.  A fresh coat of paint and fabric goes a long way in transforming, but it doesn’t take away from the natural warmth and integrity of the original piece.   There is just something fun and wonderful about the vibe pieces like this bring to a space.


Keeping the overall color scheme a neutral palette with subtle pops of color creates an atmosphere of elegance as well as warmth.  And, bringing interesting elements such as the lighting and the mirrored nightstand just add that extra touch of pizzazz.  Of course, that combination makes the ultimate guest room….regal and warm at the same time.


Not only do all white linens have a refreshing appeal….so does an all white bed.  Again, an older piece with a fresh coat of paint goes a long way in drawing your guests in with a certain charm and personality.


If you have enough room to add a quaint sitting area it’s always a sweet touch in a guest room.  (Even if your guests don’t use it – it just looks inviting Smile)


When you have something as architecturally interesting as this sort of space you don’t need a lot of fabric and fluff to help it out.  It generally speaks for itself with the detailing and textures.  But, finishing it off with the right furnishings is still important in creating that cozy feel.  Here these simple clean, fresh linens and antique pieces are perfect for this space.  Cozy, warm, inviting.


This is one of my own guest rooms.  Since I don’t have all that cool architectural detailing I created interest with rust-colored textured walls with the chipped brick patches randomly throughout (sorry you can’t see the chipped brick in this picture).  Then I used some of the tips mentioned above to create a welcoming environment:  A canopy bed, a solid spread layered with another spread folded back at the base of the bed and matching shams.  And, in front of the bed is a bench for sitting.  This seems to be the favorite guest room in the house.

So if you’re working on your own guest room consider these tips and think about what it is that appeals to you as a guest.  What colors, what style makes you happy, warm and welcome?  Think about those things and apply them to your own space.  If you feel that sense of warmth and comfort in your own guest room no doubt your guests will feel it as well.

Happy Decorating!



Not everyone has the good fortune to live by the sea like some lucky few….


With the water just beyond the pergola for a serene, peaceful view…..


But, we can all bring a bit of the sea to our décor…


By bringing colors of the sea such as different shades of blue mixed with neutrals and textures…..


And, maybe a splash of red and white with a seaside blue for that “maritime” feel…..


You can incorporate this touch in the kitchen….


A living area…..


A bedroom….


Or maybe even just a piece of furniture….


So if you love that feeling of of the sea……

But you can’t be there year round…….


Just bring the sea to you….

Happy Decorating!



One of the fun ways to incorporate some serious style in your space is to get creative with your lighting.


It’s one of those little details that’s really not so little after all. 


It can really enhance the personality of the room….


And, add that extra token charm…..


Lighting can be a conversation piece like these interesting fixtures….


Or add a touch of the unexpected.…..


An element of mystery…..

modern dining room 5

Or a fun pop of color to marry the old with the new….




So step out of your box and rock the room with some expressive, interesting lighting…..


To illuminate your own distinct style and personality.

Happy Decorating!



Well, the day is here!  There are those who will go out and spend triple the price of a regular meal just to do something ”special” on Valentine’s Day.  And, there are those who wouldn’t go out and do such a thing if their life depended on it.


There are those who will stay home and make a big production of it and cook a special meal, dessert and drinks.


And, there are those who will treat it as “just another day”.

valentine's day roses

Some will get a bouquet of red roses, which, as we know them today, are the tried and true traditional symbol for love and romance.  (So even a simple red rose is packed with meaning, relevance and emotion if you want to get your sweetie something significant without spending a lot of money.)


And, any and all of those choices are A-Okay.


Because in the end it’s the celebration of love.  Whether it be present day love, future love, or maybe even passed love.


As for my sweetie and I……well, we’re not super big on making a fuss over Valentine’s Day.  I’m very blessed in that I’m one of the lucky ones who has a husband that makes me feel appreciated everyday, all year long….


Ever since the day we got married he’s made me feel deeply loved….

Even after 35 years of marriage, three children and three grandchildren….


Somehow he still has a way of making me feel like I still turn his head…


Like spending time with me is still so important to him….


He still loves it when I go for a spin on the Harley….


I know he would give me the moon and the stars if he could…


And, though, on Valentine’s Day we do “kinda, sorta” celebrate our relationship somewhat….


I’m aware that he makes my life complete, not just on Valentine’s Day, but everyday….


And, that I’m so blessed we are partners for life….


Yep, I’m right where I want to be…..on Valentine’s Day….

And everyday. Smile


Happy Valentine’s Day!




For those of you motivated enough to make your sweetie a Valentine’s Day dessert you might find something you like in one of these yummy desserts below.  I actually haven’t even decided if I’m going to make my own sweetie a dessert.  (Sorry, Doogie…..the jury is still out)  But, if I do decide to I’ll be choosing from one of these recipes.


Cheesecake recipe, Valentine's Day dessert, conversation heart, hearts, sweets, edible crafts

Click here for recipe.

How cute are these?  I’m a big fan of cheesecake – it’s one of my all time fave’s and I don’t think I have ever had any kind of cheesecake I don’t love.  These are super cute the way they’re made to look like Valentine’s candies. 



Click here for recipe

This strawberry and champagne dessert in these martini glasses would be easy, yummy and they look somewhat “sophisticated” and “elegant” I think.



Click here for recipe

These are gorgeous, but try as I might I can never get mine to look this smooth and pretty.  It wouldn’t stop me from trying them again though, because I love chocolate covered strawberries – lumps, bumps, warts and all.  (And, yes, that’s how mine usually look) Might be a refreshing, low calorie Valentine dessert, though, no matter how unsightly they might turn out.



Click here for recipe

These don’t require such perfection.  They are really simple to make with the phyllo pastry shells, chocolate pudding and strawberries.  And, they’re cute, too.


Click here for recipe

And, of course, what could be simpler than this?  Valentine’s shish kebabs with marshmallows, strawberries and Swiss Rolls?


Click her for recipe

Except maybe for this!  Pre-made ice-cream sandwiches rolled in sprinkles!  ‘Bout as easy as it gets! 

Yep, these are some desserts I could handle.  So we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll be a good Valentine sweetie and make my sweetie one of these for Valentine’s Day.

Happy “Almost” Valentine’s Day


Happy Decorating!

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